Monday, February 9, 2009



i went there super early , like 8.15 , and the thing starts at 10pm , so my bro and i ... was walking around like dumbass -.-' anyways , then it started at 10pm . for 30-40 minutes , we have to stand , and listen to those sifu and all . then around 11 , we started walking around the whole temple . oh , the whole temple was beautifully decorated :D it was heaven man ! if a guy decorate a place , as beautiful as that , i'll be so touched . anyways , then we started walking . then ... PEOPLE STARTED RUSHING INFRONT ? LIKE WTF 0.0 AS THOUGH AS THERE IS GOLD INFRONT FOR THEM TO SNATCH ?! and they started pushing me , therefore , i was lost . i had to walk the first round by myself . you know how it feel T_T walking like .. omg " A LOST KID " ppfftt . then later ... people started pushing and stepping on my leg ! HELLLO ! PPFFTTT . thank god i was wearing sandals with strap , if i wore my usual sandals , i think ... it will fly away -.-'

and there was this funny thing , because this woman , was holding her son lah . then she was damn kiasu and wanted to be right at the back of the sifu walking ... and be 1st u know . MANA TAU , SHE WALKED FASTER THAN THE SIFU . and everyone was saying " HAH , WHERE GOT PEOPLE WALK FASTER THAN THE SIFU 1 . WHAT A JOKE " . yeah , then the second thing was ... this woman , another kiasu lady , doesnt let anyone .. walk faster than her , and another woman wanted to throw coins into the bucket infront of woman A , and woman A didn't let , and just walk , walk walk . woman B said " WHERE GOT PEOPLE DONT LET THROW COINS 1 .. OF CAUSE MUST LET PEOPLE THROW COINS RIGHT .. " * jeling mata * . it was damn funny XD . that kiasu lady , BANG ME FRIGGING TIMES ALREADY LOR OKAAAAYY .

there is more to complain , but i think i should chill and shut up . but i swear , i was cursing them in my heart . malaysians , pfftt .

anyways , ITS LAST DAY OF CNY :D :D will be going over to my aunty's house soon ;)

got to go change now ! BYE !
tuning in : let me think about it - ida coor .



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