Friday, July 24, 2009

tell him.

i'm hungry.
but i guess i'll update , then only eat. as i like to eat for a long long time, take my own sweet time, and yada yada. ;)
i missed lunch today.
was in a pissy mood. I didn't stay back today, cause the weather was burning! and it was so so effing hot -_- i couldn't even stand a minute of standing under the sun! so, after leo meeting, i waited alone, at the guardhouse. omg , damn loner ): then, went home! like finaaalllly -_-

reached home, and i was still pissy. was sort of mad at my mum and sister, for not agree-ing on me staying back. so i locked myself in the room, and had my own moments (: surf-ed the web through itouch,and sing! then had a good bath, and i went to sleep while my hair was still wet. damn rubbish.

school was sort of okay. i was in a stressing mood, somehow.

didn't do my maths homework, so i was planning to do it in the morning, BUT I TOTALLY FORGOTTEN TO BRING MY BOOK -_- then, we discussed our BM paper during the first 2 periods. it was break after that.

went out class early, to sell TUNA PUFF , which was baked by BrandonChew's Sister( Yvonne (: idk how to spell her name! ). then BRANDON CHEW'S TOASTER COULDN'T WORK! -_- like damn screwed. so we spent 15 mins to look for plugs, cause we thought it was the plug's fault. but it wasn't. so we asked canteenuncle, to toast for us! then there we go selling (: omg, THE TUNA PUFF WAS AWESOME. I BOUGHT 3! it's really awseome!

was late for class during maths. then yada yada. moral time,went to library. it was a funny laughing time! after that was chinese. had a talk with Sheilabobella. our dating time;) then was computer. i was damn damn stressed -_- girl's issue.

imma update pictures of my littlefamilytree ;)

my little family with four kids.3 daughters, 1 son :D

our big big big,3 beta family!

tell him,
tell him i need him,
tell him i love him,
tell him it'll be alright.



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