Sunday, July 26, 2009

it was one hell of a night.

Saturday. 25/7/09.

9th Leo Joint Installation.

woke up at 11a.m. talked to shazaa on the phone for a while ;) then, went to watch some tivo, and had breakfast. at 12.30, went to bath, get changed and everything. left the house around 1.15.

Reached SunwayUniversityCollege around 1.45, met up with Sheila&Brandon. registered. then later, went into the MultiPurposeHall. started our leo installation. yada yada. got installed as Ass. Fund Raising Director :D :D around 4, we had our refreshments ;) that's when i got to meet new people, other leos from other schools. they're FRIENDLY! :D esp. seafields. btw, BRANDONCHEW! BETTER THANK ME FOR TEACHING YOU HOW TO SOCIALIZE! MWAHHA. *brows brows*

then.. we had more performances, and all ;) and around 6.00, we had dancefloor (: stayed a while and dance a little (:

Pyramid, here i come.

after that, walked out of the campus with Brandon&Sheila. we wanted to walk to Pyramid, but it was crazy hell. it was effing far. so we gave up, and just hailed a cab. went to Redbox, met with the others ;) changed. ate.

that's when, some stuffs happened. it was a disaster. i finally know how it felt. and i would like to thank, all of you guys over there! Stanley esp ;) Claire , Carissa, Jing Her , Derrick, Natalie, Joshua, Faris, Ian, PHILIPPE! , Zhou wei,Brandon!. and i would like to apologize, FOR RUINING YOUR GUYS' NIGHT. im so so sorrrry! btw, sorry to all of you who had to listen to my rubbish, esp. phillipe; derrick; claire; carissa! i know you guys tried to wake me up. but i didn't. thank you, STANLEY LOW! for trying to chill me down of the bill, and telling me that everything's alright ! you're the best aite. and also sorry to you guys, IF I'VE SCOLDED YOU GUYS!! anyhoos, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! i owe each and everyone of you alright.

that night, will be the night i'll never forget in my entire life. the night which costs my relationship & friendship.

is this the end of us? can someone please, please please , tell him i love him ):



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