Thursday, July 9, 2009

it's good that you're understanding :)

school was great today, except for the fact i felt like shit in the morning.

i vormited in the morning, and i was feeling really unwell. i was so damn weak , TO EVEN WALK UP THE STAIRS, though my class is on first floor. maybe i was just too tired.

then break , sort of had a full meal, cause mamahazwani , gave me an african speech bout wasting food, so i had to finish up.

i felt like a total shit during lunch again, didn't have the mood to eat, felt like vormiting. then , baked! :D thats when i had my mood back somehow. i was really hyper, well , sort of. i'm always hyper during bakingtime! we baked kekbahulu , and it was awesome ;) mamahazwani; sheilabobella; claireze'french was a good helping hand indeed. i hardly even do something ): so i guess i deserved the smallest cake. :\

after k.h , BUMPED INTO SUETTENG! :D first time meeting her.

then , things were so much better ;)

went to the sciencelab. was 20 mins late, but heck, screw it. we didn't even know we had to go up . for once, mr.X scolded me -_- he doesn't know my name, so .. he POINTED AT ME 0.0 stanley got something of mine confiscated. thanks to cheesoong, for helping me to get it back, secretly! thanks SOOONG :D

so prolly, this is how my day at school was ;)



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