Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You'll be there for me.

before i begin ,

i know its a very late wish babe ,
but i wished u at 12am that day :P
just that ,
i was so lazy to blog the other days ,
so here you go babe!
i'll meet you one day aite :D
just one day ,
heh .

school has been the same old thing every single day . except for the fact that CikFitriah has left school , and now's been replaced by CikNurul , which .. is quite fun? she loves giving us penalty , if we talk in english during her class ;)

oh oh , I HAVEN'T WATCH TRANSFORMERS ); almost everyone i know has watched , but no worries , IM WATCHING IT THIS FRIDAY :D :D MWAHAHAHHA :P i want to see ShiaLebouf :D :D

exam's coming. 14 july , 13 more days . and i still haven't start studying . screw that , seriously. i guess i'll start studying now laah okay. HOPEFULLY I'LL MANAGE TO ? pmr's not over yet , and we're already making plans for the aftermath! singapore , here i come ;) will you believe me , if i say that i've never been to singapore ? -_- seriously , i have never been to singapore in my entire life .. maybe when i was in my mum's tummy(thats what she says) , but yeaaah!

coco was really entertaining today ;) it was a bitching moment , and laughing moment :D it's really nice to hangout with the guys ! we laughed like hell lots of time :D :D and bitched bout something . :P

okay im going to study now.



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