Saturday, August 1, 2009

heelllo August ;)

i was super happy that August is finally here. once i woke up, i couldn't stop smiling. I looked at my phone, and it's FIRST OF AUGUST! :D finally, july's over. well, some of you can see my facebook status yesterday. i was dead emo. but whatever.. it's August now ;)

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anyways, i thought A(H1N1) cases are going down now, but guess what? SRIKL has finally got hit by H1N1. First case. well, i'm not sure who, but i heard that fella is now being quarantined at SunwayMedicalCentre.


Dear Parents and Guardians,

H1NI Virus – First Confirmed Case at Sri Kuala Lumpur Secondary School

On Friday 31st July 2009, a student of Sri KL Secondary School was confirmed as having the H1N1 virus. This student is now quarantined at Sunway Medical Centre.

As such, the School wishes to inform all parents and students of Pre-School, Primary School and Secondary School of the following procedures that shall be effective from Monday 3rd August 2009.

• ALL STUDENTS of Classes 3 Lambda and 3 Alpha are to remain quarantined at home for 7 days from 03/08/09 until 09/08/09 and can only return to school on 10/08/09. No students from these classes are allowed to attend school for any reason during this period.

• ALL SIBLINGS of students in these classes are also to remain quarantined at home for 7 days from 03/08/09 until 09/08/09 09 and can only return to school on 10/08/09. This includes siblings in Pre-school and Primary School.

• Quarantined students who display any flu-like symptoms during this time should immediately seek medical advice.

• All other classes in Secondary School will remain open and students may attend school until further notice.

• Pre-school and Primary School will remain open and students may attend school until further notice.

• ALL STUDENTS of Pre-school, Primary School and Secondary are now required to wear facemasks whilst in school until further notice. Students must bring their own facemasks to school and students who refuse to wear facemasks will be sent home.

• Students experiencing any flu-like symptoms should seek medical advice and remain at home until given the all-clear to attend school by a medical practitioner.

• Homework for quarantined students will be made available via the Sri KL website and students are requested to complete their assignments in a timely and responsible manner.

The School has informed the Ministry of Education and the Health Ministry of the situation and will update parents as and when there are any new developments.Your close cooperation is much appreciated.


*got this from Brenda's

now my dad's hesitating if to allow me to go Singapore after PMR. damn it.

should we go to school on Monday? I honestly think that we shouldn't go, cause mostly all Form3's have been in the hall for the seminar on Friday with 3A & 3L . so, Mr.Chew, if you're reading this, i dont tink that Form3's should be going to school. Furthermore, 3/4 of Form3's are now sick. I don't want to see another case from Form3. since we're having our PMR soon.

anyways, i was having this idea, on ALL 3 BETA STUDENTS SHOULD PROLLY GO ONLINE TONIGHT/ TOMORROW NIGHT TO DISCUSS IF TO GO TO SCHOOL ON MONDAY ;) you know, so we can all pakat togther, or else half of the class go to school ,it'll be dead boring. so, if you agree on this idea, do leave a tag on my cbox and pass the message ? :D thank you.



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