Thursday, August 13, 2009

heels over head.

It's 12.57a.m, and currently, i just got off the phone. I'm sleeping around 2, perhaps.

Slept at 3am yesterday. Thanks to JingHer for telling some stupid ghost stories which totally scare my ass off ): I quickly got off the computer at 2am, then ran inside my room, like some kiddo. Once i got on the bed, i received a text message from JingHer,asking me to BECAREFUL , AND WATCH OUT UNDER MY BED -_- he couldn't stop scaring me, like for godsake ): it took me an hour, to sleep. watched some videos on the itouch ;)

Woke up at 12pm. Was suppose to wake up at 11.30a.m, but i set my alarm at 11.30p.m instead. Oh dear. Watched C.S.I:NY, & Had brunch :D Then, did some homework, yada yada. Studied, and everything.

Around 6, went for piano class. Talked to the teacher, ALOT. we talked bout, alot alot of stuffs. that's why i love talking to her. HEH :P

i'm going to be LADY GAGA TOMORROW :) oops, i mean TODAY! for MTV WORLDSTAGE VIP TICK. Diyana, i'll surprise you! :P



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