Friday, August 28, 2009

We were seventeen and invincible

got the world figured out, and the girl's on my shoulder.

if you're a follower on my twitter, i bet you know that i'm a huge huge fan of BoysLikeGirls now.

i just recently met this girl, on twitter. Well, i came across her twitter, and I figured out that she was a fan of BLG too. So i talked to her through twitter. DAMN. this girl, she's so so lucky :) she got to meet BLG in person, like each and one of them. Martin;Paul;Bryan;John! and got to take picture with them & listen to their new songs from BLG upcoming album, in LIVE! like, right infront of her. baaah, GIRL, YOU'RE SO LUCKY (:

you can read her blog post at : Anis Filza

You can say I'm crazy over BoysLikeGirls. But i'm sorry, i can't help it T_T

tuning in: she's got a boyfriend now-boys like girls.



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