Sunday, August 2, 2009

i'm so much better without you?

Hell, It's a Sunday.

woke up at 9 in the morning today. Was so lazy to wake up, but i had to. Went for early breakfast with mummy. wanted to get dimsum, but i was sort of late. so decided to just eat at some restaurant near my tuition centre. A glass of hot soya milk for the morning ;) it was awesome.

JessicaAnnJock did not come for tuition. YOU LOSER! :P hence, tuition was sort of a bore. But i was concentrating on my work, but tuition was still fun! still had our laughing moments with Ms.K . she has facebook & twitter. Ain't she just cool ? (:

came home after tuition. Watched CSI:Miami & CSI:NY. then took a bath, and was planning to take a nap somehow. But i couldn't sleep. Was thinking, alot. Basically, I still can't get over him, but whatever. I teared up somehow, so I decided to just talk to Claireze'french on the phone ;) Had a half an hour talk with her, and it was great. I mean, how can i ever get sad talking to my babes right?

Had MCD's after that. Wasn't allowed to, but mummy didn't know. so I couldn't resist. Had Fillet-O-Fish, AFTER HOW LONG! and a few sips of coke :P and a few spoons of StrawberrySundae of course ;)

Well.. Mummy&Kor are sick now. ): both of them are having fever. HOPE THEY'll get well soon!

Mummy asked me not to go to school tomorrow as she might be bringing me over to doctor again, as my cough isn't going anywhere. But, a part of me wants to go to school. Oh well. Carrisababy&Claireze'french aren't going though, but mamahazwani is going. ): Tell me what to do! to school, or not to school?

p.s:// who the hell still uses FRIENDSTER anyway? I just officially deleted my FRIENDSTER account. Goodbye Friendster, Hello Facebookie ;)
On a second hand, I can't delete my FRIENDSTER account, because they keep stating that the email address or password isn't valid, and i need to enter those to delete em. I think they just don't want me to cancel my FRIENDSTER account. FRIENDSTER, fuck you.


Plan failed. i tried to study, but i barely even sit for 20 mins, i just left my room. I was writing some notes for geography, then tried to study science. I know nothing bout the current chapter Mr.oh-so-geram's teaching now. But now i get some of it. Then i tried doing some Maths questions, but i was so lazy to calculate. So i jumped to B.M, and heck, i did 10 questions, and i left my seat, to the computer. so here i am.

I'm now reading blogs and listening to TaylorSwift. I love listening to TaylorSwift at this time. I don't know why, but it just calms me down ya know?
Though all her songs are about boys, which makes me think alot, but.. still, i'd sing along, and I'd stop thinking!

now, i really need you to get out of my head. everyone has been telling me, for a week, to just get over you. But i can't seem to do it, though i know the truth that you'd been playing me all the while. I mean, everyone's asking, how hard does it take for me to get over him. He's not attractive at all, and he's nothing good. Why? Well, i asked myself that question, wait not exactly. Phil asked me that question last week, and all i did was just stone.I couldn't find myself an answer to that particular question. The next question he asked me was.." WHY do you even like him?" I couldn't help, but to stone too. I was just.. dead confused. and.. maybe phil's just right. Maybe i don't even like him, i thought. But no, i do. I do like him, you can't say love, but i could say, i really do like him. And i've never ever, thought that he'd be such a jerk ya know? All this while, i thought all the stop calling and ignoring , was all my fault? My fault for fucking getting drunk? That's what i thought it was. But nope, it'd been you, playing with my fucking feelings, that i didn't even realise. I was just dumb to blame it all to myself, and now ,YOU'RE TO BLAME. But no longer, i'd think it's my fault, cause i'm grateful to have friends, now telling me the truth. And you said that you still love me three nights ago? Oh please. Like i'll fall for it again? The next time you send me a sms , telling me you still love me, I'll ask you to go fucking fuck yourself. I'm not the type of girl, that'd fall for you anymore. cause, I'M SICK OF YOU, I'M SICK OF YOUR WORDS, I'M SICK OF YOUR LIES, AND I'M SICK OF YOUR GAMES. if you've nothing else better to do, but to play a girl's feelings who is younger than you, seriously.. go get a life. I don't care if you hate me now. Cause I was true to you and i did nothing wrong. I tried to save this thing we had, I tried to make it better. But no, you had to just.. end it right there. Leaving me, nowhere to go. & One day, i'd make you feel the pain like I'm feeling now. Cause what goes around, comes around. Prolly i won't be the one hurting you the next time,but i'm sure it'll be a girl you love. Don't come saying you're sorry, cause i won't believe you like i did before.

i could go on writing, but no, i'll stop till here first ;) might continue someday.



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