Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I finally went to school today! HAH :D

slept at 2.30 in the morning! T_T was on the phone, talking bout nonsense.AHAH. then woke up at 6.40, it took me 10 mins to get my frigging ass out of the bed. and the same old story starts again, waking up for school.

reached school around 7.30, and saw.. how .. quiet the school was. It was like, NO CARS AT ALL! and it felt like you're early for school ;) was kind of excited once i step in the class. and was SHOCKED when mamahazwani told me something! I WAS PRACTICALLY SHOUTING LIKE SOME MAD BITCH, hugging her, and so excited for her :D :D

school was okaay. Practically, chee soong;jing her;stanleylow were my teman in class since Claireze'french wasn't at school. We had our laughing moments. which was pretty fun ;)

Had LEO for coco. i'm proud to say that my BROTHERS are, NICHOLAS NEOH;NICHOLAS TAN;TIM( timothy) :D hope they'll be fine with me :)

anyways, im sleepy now. so whatever. this is a lazy post of mine. :X

p.s:// SHAZAHAZWANI made me got addicted to iwanna-AAR! shazahazwani is no longer mine ):



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