Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cause, that's all she wrote

I wish that I could turn this car around.

Today was suffering. I've studied since 1.15p.m till 8.30p.m. And of course I took an hour break in between. But OMG. It was progressive i guess :) I'm going to do this everyday! 7 subjects in a day, and hope it really helps!

Oh well.

This past few days have been rather happening, for me at least. I guess some of you know why. Have been putting out my temper to Carissababy, Rizki & Redza, cause usually, DURING midnights, only i've happening stuffs -_- that's like so frustrating. And, all the frustrating stuffs, comes together! So, yeah, this 2 nights I haven't been sleeping well, esp today morning! Cause my sister was sleeping with me ): Hence, the big eyebags i've right now! Ah, i had a weird dream. ): I dreamt, bout HIM T_T OMG. SHEILA! I SHOULDN'T HAVE TALKED BOUT HIM TO YOU, BEFORE I SLEPT T_T i dreamt bout him! omg. :\

anyways, just ignore my moodswings.

aahh, yeah.

I'm not going to close down my blog I guess :) As many of you requests not to. So, i guess, this will still be LOLICANDIE-LOVE@BS.COM. but prolly, i'll might have to blog lesser, as trials are next week & PMR left 42 days. So, I'm sorry aite! :D



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