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* LONG POST AHEAD. if you're not interested, just exit from my blog!

15 AUG 2009,

First of all, I'd love to thank DiyanaShazalli, for the GoldTicket :) & thanks to JasmineJazz for the RedTicket! :D :D

amazingly, sheila;phil and i,
our ticket number are like
damn cool :)

I got my gold ticket on Thursday night :).I wanted goldticket, cause Sheila&Philippe will be at gold, So i was dying to get that ticket, to go with them though i know i'm going to be a lightbulb. :X Anyway, I had to pose like LadyGaga for Diyana, which was a total failure, so stop hoping that i'll post up my picture here. Anyway, after showing Diyana the picture, she tested me :) and asked me a few questions.

1. Why do you really want to go MTV worldstage?
2. Whose the band members for BoysLikeGirls&All-American Rejects?
* i answered her and named out all the band members*

I quickly called her, but i didn't shout their names on the phone as my parents were sleeping already. So didn't want to wake them up.

The next day, which was Friday. I called her up.

Diyana: Okay, you can shout out their names already.
Me: Okaaay. here it goes. MARTIN! PAUL! BRYAN! ........*continues*
Diyana: Hmmm. okay.
Diyana: Pixie lott leh?
Diyana: What's my name?
Me: DIYAAAANNNAAAA!! ;D Diyana: Okay, when you want to collect your ticket?


So i was really really HAPPY! anyway, that night, i went and ask my daddy's permission, whether I could go or not. Since my mum said NO, on Thursday.

Me: Daaddddy, can i go for a concert tomorrow night?
Daddy: Where?
Me: Sunway Lagoon :)
Daddy: What concert?
Me: Some english concert mtv thing thing.
Daddy: What time?
Me: 6pm till 11pm. Daddy: Whose fetching you there and back?
Me: Kor kor :D :D
Daddy: Okay. *nods head*

So obviously, that night I couldn't sleep, AT ALL! But I managed to forced myself to sleep around 1am. Though alot of phone calls bothered my night, but I WOKE UP AT 9.30 A.M :D was planning to wake up at 10.00 A.M, but I couldn't sleep any more -_-

Woke up, bath, and everything. Went down to eat breakfast, watched tivo. Suddenly, my brother asked me to get ready now, as he could only fetched me at that time.

So left the house around 12.00p.m. Headed to Pyramid. And i was alone! So i was talking to Carissababy on the phone, while walking rounds. HAHA. then went to collect movie tickets. And met up with Sheena&Danielle at Starbucks. We sat for a while and talked alot :) Then Alia&Olivia, met up with us. So we were planning to eat. Went over to SakaeSushi, but it was closed for a short time.

Decided to go over to SushiGroove, which was renamed to Tokyo-G. We didn't even know that. HAHAH. So we ate our lunch over there. Philippe came to join us 30 minutes later? Had fun talking with the Sheena&Friends :) Laughed alot and everything. So around 2pm, they left. And I waited for Philippe to finish eating his meal.

Went looking for laptop holder/folder? after Philippe was done. But he didn't want to buy, so we didn't know what to do. As we have to wait for 1 more hour for our movie. So we went over to SunwayHotel, to take a look at the stage, and seating plan. After we were done, went over to Starbucks, old wing. But it was really full, so went over to Starbucks, new wing. Watched MadTv videos;RussellPeters on iTouch. It totally occupied our time!

We left around 2.45 p.m and headed to the cinema :) Met up with JasmineJazz to get the red ticket! Thanks dear! Then went for movie at 3pm.

G.I.JOE BABY! IT WAS A TOTAL AWESOME MOVIE! :D it was a damn effing high tech movie! the equipments was totally so cool! but, most important is CHANNING TATUM WAS SO SO HAWT! It was a good show, but i wouldn't say is better than TheProposal.

G.I.Joe. 9/10!

After the movie, Phil&I went and met up with Sheila&Rachel :) Went to send Rachel over to arcade, then we left. First, We went over to SunwayHotel, as we thought we have to register there, but we went looking for it. We couldn't find it. So we went outside, and we found it! :D

GoldTicket, supposely to be V.I.P, but i couldn't see any special privilege for it. Went down the four escalators, and got up to the GoldZone. Found our standing spot, and we sat for a while. We were SO DAMN FAR from the stage, honestly. And people at GoldZone were damn chilling -_- Not many people shout. Trust me, only a few teenagers + us, shouted.

Around 5.45p.m, some malaysian singer sang a few song of his. Then at 6pm, it started. VJs came and everything. First band to perform was ESTRANGED! It wasn't really that good, cause I didn't know any song of theirs. Oh well.

The crowd at 6pm.


Next who came up was BOYS LIKE GIRLS! OMG, I SWEAR I WAS SHOUTING LIKE A RETARD. First song was LOVE DRUNK. next was Hero/Heroine. The whole crowd was singing so loud! After that, it was Thunder. Before they sang Thunder, it drizzled a while, luckily GoldZone had shades above :) After Thunder, it was their last song, THE GREAT ESCAPE! and it was a total rock man! There was this part, where MartinJohnson asked the whole crowd, to get down and jump up high when he gave the cue. GoldZone people, was so ignorant towards it. Nobody got down, THOUGH I WANTED TO! But yeah. MARTINJOHNSON went down the stage and moshpit front row people got to touched his hand T_T OMG! OMG! I WAS SO JEALOUS ): & Martin threw like hell lots of stuffs to the crowd. The first bottle he opened, he drank a bit, and threw to the crowd. The next bottle, he did the same thing. He threw guitar picks & drumsticks too! Grr.


PaulDigiovanni & MartinJohnson.



Bryan is cute actually :) love him when he talks.


Martin Martin Martin! he actually climbed up that thing.

After they performed, it was a long break. Around 15 minutes i guess? Oh oh, and I TWITT-ED. Do you actually know that we could LiveTwitSms, and our message would appear on the Projectors next to the stage! :D Well, twit, i meant TWITTER! Though i wasted rm0.50, and i sms-ed twice, BUT IT WAS THE FUN OF IT :)

MTVWorldStageRT @leeyokeshan boys like girls totally rock my rocks! I want more!
*typo! it was suppose to be socks T_T but i was using dictionary on my phone, hence the typo*
MTVWorldStageRT @leeyokeshan i want more from boys like girls!! Please please!
* and i entered a wrong SMS CODE! that's why it ended up RT! but it wasn't suppose to. oh well*

Sheila; Phil :D

I had to camwhore with myself T_T

The crowd when it was 7 something.

After a long break, RAYGUN came out and performed! I didn't really know the 2 other songs they sang, but i only know JUST BECAUSE! that song is awesome, and they sort of rocked man! :) i like the lead singer! He was so cute T_T aaaahhh~


One of Raygun's guitarist.

Another guitarist from Raygun. CUTE KAN! :D

Raygun lead singer.

He's from UK. SO sexy :)

After RAYGUN, was PIXIE LOTT! * uh oh uh oh!* She was awesome! Firstly, she sang TurnItUp(TheFall). Next was BoysandGirls. Her last song was MAMA DO! She sounds awesome man! She sounds as good as she's on CD, or maybe better! Well, sadly, not many Malaysians knew her, but i'm sure, after her performance, everyone will notice her now :)

Pixie Lott.

TheFall(Turn It Up).

She's pretty&sings good!

Then it was a short break. We were trying to spot for KennySia as Carissababy told me that he'll be at the GoldZone. So I was looking everywhere for him. Suddenly I turned my head to the left and I saw someone so familiar. Then I gasped, and realised it was KENNYSIA! And Sheila & I were kind of jakun! Wanted to take a picture with him, but he seemed like he was in a rush or something.


The ones who watch concerts with me :) First, D.A, now worldstage!

We were so so bored :D Sheila's cam sucked! couldn't take any! HAHA.

: P : P


Anyways Phil;Sheila&I went down to the RedZone, since we were pretty bored&Phil wanted to.

As I was walking down to the RedZone, there was this way, where it's between the RedZone&MoshPit. We were walking and everything. I didn't know there was an effing step/bump, so i frigging tripped on the step/bump. Thank god, one of Phil's friend was infront of me, OR ELSE I WOULD HAVE FELL FLAT ON MY FACE, and appeared as the HIGHLIGHT of the NIGHT. I bet those front row of RedZone who saw me tripped were laughing at me T_T IT WAS SO EMBARASSING!

Enough said.

So we got down, and Sheila&I went to try going in the crowd. But it was SO PACKED! i COULD HARDLY survive man. Furthermore, I'm super duper short, so I could see nothing, but THOUSANDS OF HEADS. So I gave up, and just got out of the crowd. Bumped into ZhouWei&Eelin. Went to meet MeiTing; MinXuan;XiangTing! :D :D took pictures with MeiTing, talked for a while and everything.

Then it was HOOBASTANK! Sheila is sort of a fan of their songs, so we went in the crowd, once again. But I could hardly see anything ): So yeah, was trying so hard to get infront, but it was so damn packed! Oh did i mention, that there was this bitchy lady who gave me a whatdafuck face?!

*Sheila or I accidentally banged her hand.*
* That bitchy lady turns behind and looked at us.*

Me: Oh oh, sorrry.

* Bitchy lady gave me the look!(jeling mata) and showed me her whatdafuck face*

LIKE WHAT DA EFF -_- HELLO! what have I ever done wrong to you man. She should have felt lucky that I even apologized. She was putting her hands on her hips, like some kind of a boss. Obviously someone would bang her hand right, it was dead crowded there. And it's not like I did it on purpose, even if i did, why would I even say sorry right.

So i was damn pissed. Then Sheila reminded me, telling me that" Being in the crowd as a higher chance of getting H1N1". So i quickly got my ass out of the crowd, and walked back to GoldZone.

When I was walking back to the way(between the MoshPit&RedZone), it was Hoobastank performing. So i was walking so slow, as the view there was so awesome! I could see Hoobastank quite clear. without zooming or anything, but with my naked eye! *Ahhh.

But we couldn't stay there for quite long as the guards will shoo us and everything. As I was walking up the stairs to the GoldZone, I TRIPPED AGAIN! I didn't know what i tripped on, but it was not that embarassing, as not many eyes were on me, or did anyone even notice. So yeah. Phew.

I didn't really know what were the songs that Hoobastank sang, as I didn't really pay any attention on them. Their final song was TheReason! Gosh, I was damn emo when they sang the song. It's a really old song, and I guess that's the only song I know from them. So yeah.

DougRobb. He was really cute that night :)


After Hoobastank, Sheila&I camwhored a bit. But I don't know why, there was this girl next to me, kept staring at Sheila&I whenever we try to take pictures. I've no idea what's her problem.

My Sister, My Soul :)

AFTER A LONG WAITING, IT WAS FINALLY THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS! Their first song was, DirtyLittleSecret! Oh my, that song was really old. I even forgotten the song name, till Sheila told me. But it still sounds great. After that, it was I WANNA! Everyone was so high! Even GoldZone people were high too, like finally. Some started jumping too, including me. Next was TheWindBlows&Swing,Swing. I hardly know this 2 songs, but I still enjoyed it. Then it was IT ENDS TONIGHT! i NEVER expected them to sing that song :) But still, it was awesome. & The LAST song, was GIVES YOU HELL! AAR totally rocked man! I could say they were one of the best. I mean, obviously, I guess everyone went there just for them. Heh. Tyson was so cute! Oh my.

The All-American Rejects.

TysonRitter :)

Sheila left right after AAR's performance. I was trying to call someone up to accompany me. Was trying to call Philippe; ZhouWei;Sheena; Rachel. But I couldn't get them, as I don't know why it didn't have line or something. And i was really scared. So i just decided to leave that place. Managed to call Rachel since she was at Pyramid that time. I was sort of lost trying to get my way to Pyramid. I wanted to use the SunwayHotel way, but i heard a guard saying it was closed. So i took the super long way! Luckily, I had Rachel on the phone with me.

Met up with her at the main entrance. But couldn't join her for Arcade as my bro was already on his way. So i waited, ALONE again at the main entrance, texting and everything. Then I saw people coming out from the SunwayHotel way, -_- Omg. I was damn damn piss! Ugh.

When my bro came and fetched me, I immediately asked him to drive-thru at McD's. I didn't have any water/food for the whole evening/night. I was almost dying of hunger and thirst!

So i guess that was how my MTV Worldstage night. I could say it was awesome.&I'm truly happy for being able to witness this event, live.

Gold Gold Gold.

MtvWorldStage, LiveInMalaysia.

*For those who missed out on this event, you can tune in to Astro , Channel713, on 28Aug, at 9pm!

p.s:// HI SHAWN :D don't be mad that i didn't reply your sms ):


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