Monday, August 3, 2009

i'm so over it, i've been there and back.

it's a monday, and i didn't go to school. obviously, or else why in the world would i be blogging now ;)

woke up at 11pm today. ditch the plan of going to Sunway with claireze'french because mummy wanted to bring me to go doctor, but she decided not to -_- so pfft. i'm like sort of pissed? but whatever. :\

anyways, stayed up late yesterday night, because i was really hyper. finally, i learned how to move on, though i haven't put him away like totally, but i'm so much happier without him now ;) I couldn't stop smiling , talking to all my friends after writing my feelings out. I'm not afraid of writing his name out anymore, nor talking bout him to any of my friends. I'd love to write his name out here, big big, but.. nahh. ;P don't wanna embarass him in my blog infront of my readers. I'm sure he doesn't want so many people to know that he's a jerk, himself right. so yeah, i'm giving him a life now.

was talking to sharonbabe yesterday night to catch up on each other lives ;D hor babe, got boyfriend already never tell me lor :P hope that you and him will last long okaay! and better save some love for me :D

i had a short late night call to put me to sleep ;) thank you, you know who you are :P you, the guy who refuses to leave a tag in my chatbox.


primary school has been tested 2 positive h1n1 cases today?i've no idea if it's true or not but that's what i heard from my fellow friends. i seriously think they should just close down the school. like seriously. all of us are really paranoid and scared. ): well, i am.

anyways, i'm hungry. and i didn't study today, what a good thing isn't it? ppfft. :\



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