Sunday, August 9, 2009

i used to be love drunk.

Tuition was quite fun today ;) mostly all of us were sick. JessicaAnn & I were suppose to be quarantined since our schools are closed down, and both of us are sick. HAHAH. but no, we still went for tuition :P oh, WE CAMWHORED TOO!


this was a fake. Ms.K asked us to act as though we're studying.
Ms.K: come come, let me take a picture of you guys studying. So that can show your parents.
*fakes studying*
Ms.K: But, what was the teacher doing? The teacher is camwhoring.

The HalfNative&HalfNyonya girl!

I'm going to die of boredom at home tomorrow, for the whole week. I guess i so gotta start studying already, as in, for hours and hours! I was planning to wake up before 8, and start studying at 8, following my class timetable. But alot of people say it's going to turn up, a mission impossible. Well, it's true. I ain't gonna wake up early, to study right. That's crazy. But i think I'm going to study for 5 hours? Well, that depends if i can do it.

Baah. I so gotta stop myself from going online ): FACEBOOK is just so addictive.

p.s:// MAYYINBABE! GET WELL SOON AITE! ): take care, and hope you'll recover from your influenza A thingy thing soon. Feel better soon! Love you! :)



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