Friday, August 14, 2009

Standing out in the rain.

its 12.49am, and im sleeping soon. ;) imma do a short blog post.

yesterday was totally a so unproductive day! All i did was online! ): i didn't even study, at all. and I'm so piss at myself. Ugh. I just sat infront of my computer for 8 hours, and took some time of it, to watch TeenChoiceAwards'09 on youtube. So yeah.

Its really nice to see all your friends having a guy. You know you're happy for them, and you know that they'll be doing good together. You also know that you've ultimate friends, which totally rock your life. But one thing you can't deny is, you also need a guy in your life. That's how i'm feeling right now. I know i know, i just broke up like, 3 weeks ago, and i'm already craving for a guy? The feeling's really different okay. Its nice to have a guy. At least you know that there's someone for you. A guy who calls you everyday just to tell you he loves you. He doesn't need any reasons to say those 3 words. A guy who never fail to make you laugh, that's awesome you know. But, I don't really have any feelings for anyone right now, so that's pretty sad right? HAHA. Well, all i'm waiting for now, is till PMR overs.



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