Sunday, August 23, 2009

Never say never.

Today was rather a good day.

Woke up at 9.30a.m. was suppose to wake up earlier, BUT MY DAD, the smartydaddy, forgotten to wake me up ): he even forgotten that i had tuition! So he fetched me to tuition because mummy was at ipoh, but we ditched our whole dimsum plan. cause we planned to eat dimsum for morning and having our usual sunday mornings like we did , 6 years back :D but, he forgotten. T_T so i was really upset.

Anyways, JessicaAnnJock, the great big loser! told me she isn't going to tuition, the last minute. And i was really quite sad. cause, i could have just ponteng-ed tuition. But i was already in the car when she informed me. Thank god, ANDREA COME :) And Miss.K. So overall, it was still fun tuition!

After that, went over to centrepoint, to eat Subway with the sister. Wanted to buy TheProposal DVD since my sister still hasn't watch it yet. But too bad for her, it still haven't released.

So she was like so upset, and everything. Then i asked her if she wants to go to cinema and watch today. But she sort of hesitate as i need to study. But i told her, to just screw it, and watch with her :) Decided to go watch at TropicanaCityMall.

Went walking around TropicanaCityMall for 30minutes and more. Overall that place is good, just that it's still quiet right now, and not many shops are fully opened yet. Oh well.

TheProposal is still good (: I still laughed at the funny parts, but I didn't cry at all. Surprisingly.

Mum just came home from Ipoh. And my cousin showed her my FACEBOOK pictures and everything last night, when she was at my aunty's house. So mummy kantoi-ed me just now.

My long complains. You don't have to read it if you don't.

She blamed me that I simply upload pictures and put on the internet. What, is not like I'm taking nude pictures of myself and posting it up on facebook like a free show right. She also said that I shouldn't have uploaded my CharityDinnerPictures on public view because the dress I was wearing was quite a low cut. Well, it's not my fault that i only had 2 options right. The other dress, she complained that it was ugly& too short. And when i wore the one which was longer, she complained is low cut. I don't see you buying any dresses for me that suits your taste. Gosh. She also claimed that I was so close to the guys when i was taking pictures. Wtf. Hello! It's a frigging 20th Century. It's not like i had s*x with each and everyone of them right? It's just taking picture, and hands on the waist. Is that so wrong? Yesterday i was suppose to go to nataliehay's house to study along with claireze'french. But mama claimed that i won't study, and accused that I'm having an older boyfriend just because I told her that i mix around with older guys at times. I just hate it when she always claims i have a boyfriend. I mean, if i do have one right now, I'd love to tell her. But the thing is, she just doesn't get it. She'll start nagging that I should study, and never trust guys, esp older guys. What, i'm not allowed to trust my brother then? I kept telling her that I'm matured enough, and i won't fall for guys that easily. Eventhough i fall for guys easily, i know the limit. I always tell her that. All i'm asking for, is my mum to be a little bit open, so it's easier for me to communicate with her. I also want to let her know my guy problems. So that she'll help me and understand. But whenever i talk about guys, she'll give me the look. The look that I ain't suppose to be so close with guys. Well, live with it then. I have a bunch of guy friends at school, and i'm close with them. There are times where i tell her about the guys i mix around with, and she'll start giving me the look. Though I know that i'm only fifteen, but this doesn't mean I'm not matured enough to think. If i was in chinese / government school, prolly I'll be a typical chinese girl, and study everytime. But no, i'm not. I'm in a private school, which more likely to be influenced with U.S living. Is because i speak english, and i watch rather mostly all english movies/dramas. So obviously i understand the U.S living, and i'd love to live in U.S because they have fun though they're only 15. Who doesn't want to have fun? Which teenagers wouldn't want? I'm a teenager, and its normal for me to want to know more stuffs right. Sometimes, I'd just hope my mum would let me go clubbing or even drink. Just let me have my freedom, just bare in her mind, that i'm matured enough to know what i'm doing. I'm sick of lying to her, every single time. If only she was open minded, for a little, I'd stop lying to her and everything. I want to share my fun to her too. I want to tell her how was my outings and everything. But just that she doesn't seem like she cares. I want her to know how much I enjoy my outings and everything. I told her about MTVWorldstage, she scolded me. Ugh. FML.


having my theory exam tomorrow! I'm kind of scared & nervous. Because i ain't really prepared for it. My Itallian;German&French terms are not really done yet, and everything. Gosh. I just hope I won't fail, because I can't afford wasting one more year being in G5. Please please! T_T no fail, at least a pass!

Anyways, I'm sort of talking to this friend of mine, Catherine. :) She's a really long lost friend of mine. I doubt she reads my blog but yeah. It's been long since I've seen her nor talked to her. We used to go to the same tuition centre during primary. And oh my, I miss her so much! Those times during tuition, was amazing and so fun! She was so cute! She has this chubby round face :D :D and i love laughing with her! I don't know why, but looking at her can already make me laugh. Cause she was so so cute T_T and i hope we'll get to meet soon :) cause i honestly do miss her!

I also miss Deshvin! another tuition mate of mine. Her mum owns the tuition centre, so i was sort of close with her, and the mum. I've been in that tuition centre for like 3 years? And, it's like, i was a part of them. A part of Deshvin, like a sister. She's usually the best. She's the reason, why i loved going for tuitions. But now, i hate going for tuitions, because i ain't going back to the same tuition centre. And i usually enjoy those 30 minutes break, where we can walk to Guardian/KFC to buy snacks and everything :)

And also Yasmin!She's pretty, and i could say another great tuition friend of mine.well, i'm not really talking to her anymore. The last time i talked to her was like 2 years ago? I quite remember it was form1. She talked to me bout her ex or was it something else. And that was when we were quite close, and we used to talk on the phone quite often. But i guess we drifted apart for god knows the reasons why. But I guess she's living a great life right now :) And we used to support each other, no matter what. Great for her, she's like Blitzers ass.cheer captain or something :D and Blitzers is this year's cheer champ! I SAW HER ON 8TV few weeks back, and I honestly miss her :)

wonder when will I ever meet these friends of mine. It's been ages since I've last seen them. Oh well. Thinking back to my tuition times, it really makes me want to go back to those times.



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