Thursday, August 6, 2009

In a lala land ;)

today, school just confirmed another positive H1N1 case in primary school. that's why, almost every primary students went home during lunch -_-. EUGENE GAVE US FALSE ALARM TOO! he said he was going home, because now.. school has 4 POSITIVE CASES. but, it was rubbish -_- pfft. I WAS DAMN HAPPY OKAAY. i mean, SCHOOL'S GOING TO CLOSE DOWN :D but, if they do, they're going to take away our hols, which totally sucks. i won't have a week, TO STUDY FOR TRIALS! baah.

*aaahh. i'm sick. down with flu now. :\

anyways, school was boring. as usual. Claireze'french finally came to school! I couldn't find my purse in the morning, but apparently, it was under waikay's desk. I don't know who the hell hid it there. Though i suspected it was Cheesoong, but naah, doode! i'm sorry for pinching your ears okaay :\ you looked suspicious to me :P so not my fault. HAHA.

K.H was awesome! I'm almost finishing my mission on making a CUSHION :D really happy! and the girls were really hyper today! love 3B girls to bits im telling you ;) . then Science, was boring. mr.ohsogeram, was mad at first. We didn't go up to the lab, then he came to our class and scolded us for not going. Well, he didn't inform us earlier right. -_- teachers these days.

CIK NURUL'S NOT GOING TO SCHOOL TMRW T_T and i was planning to go to school, just for her, cause 2 periods of BM & extra classes. but.. now i feel so pointless to go to school. it's okaay MAMAHAZWANI! i go school for you ;) and for LEO meeting.



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