Thursday, January 7, 2010

We can pop bottles all night :)


It was not bad actually. My class is much more of a class right now :) Guys are making noises, that's great. And, Pn.Zan actually said that our class are the noisest among all the f4 classes she teach -_- she teaches 4 Delta&4Gamma, btw. But, ohmygod. Alpha like that, is counted noisy? LOLLLL.

Anyway, I'm starting to like my class now :D and my subject teachers are so lame! Esp. Mr.Tana! Ohmygod, HAHAHHA. He just makes us laugh :) & Mr.Perumal too! He keep saying that someone from our class tried to sabotage the lights, just cause we had a black out for a moment! LOL. Physics was good too. We laughed at Clarence, cause Ms.Chandini? used him as an example. HAHAHAHA, funny moments!

Oh, and i overslept today :( thank god i wasn't late. But... OMG, i wore the wrong pair of socks to school. As in, one of my socks is Srikl, and another one is a normal black socks -_- Thank god noone noticed, or else I would be f*cking embarassed!! But couldn't blame me okay :( :( I was rushing, cause my transport was already waiting for me. SIGH.

Gonna do hw now :)



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