Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You can have whatever you likeeeee.

3rd day of school wasn't as good as what I expected it to be. In the morning, I was so excited to go to school, seriously. But, things just let me down, one by one. I was fairly disappointed and sad when I got to know ShuWain is switching to Beta :( And, Ashiqa shifted to Gamma too. Justina wanting to switch class. Like really, is Alpha that bad? Is Alpha that bad, till you can't even survive? For me, I wouldn't mind staying in Alpha, really. Probably you'll say just because I've Shaza, well yeah, maybe thats true. But, I mean, you can always make new friends! Don't tell me, you really don't even know a single person in the class?! I know, it's gonna be a 2 years thing, so obviously you would choose a FUN class with all your close friends, and not a boring class with just yourself, being a loner right? But, as the school days pass, we'll be bonding with our classmates! It's not really that bad, actually. If you really want to be in a fun class, you should make the class fun! At least that's what I'm doing. Well, I may not be close to my classmates, but, hey, no harm making new friends right? And, today i really enjoyed talking to some guys in my class. Yeah, they might look different to you. But, so what? They were nice. They were friendly, that's all that matters. Not forgetting, they're funny too at times :)

On the other hand, i really like all the teachers in my class. If it wasn't cause of the teachers, I would seriously be changing class. But all my teachers are fun, and nice. Oh, that reminds me, since ShuWain will be switching class, I'll be a loner during Moral. Sweet. And Moral is boring like hell. Except for Moral, which is the one i really dislike the most. Others are fun :) :)

Ah, and i finally understand how Aliya feels. I really miss all my friends :( esp 3 BETA '09. And, gah. All of us are separated, and... I've been realising that my friends and i are soon to drift apart. Maybe not now, but soon. Sigh.

Honestly, I still think that school shouldn't allow people to switch classes. I mean, since they've made this decision, why can't they just stick to it, instead of allowing people switching classes? If they can do it, why can't I? Why can't everyone else too? Then might as well, we pick our own classes next time? And it's just not fair. I mean, each and everyone of us have the same rights. If they can do it, so can we. Sigh.

A much rant to myself. Sorry, must be my PMS striking me.

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