Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fantasy girls are all over the world :D

Just finish bathing not long ago . came back from school an hour ago .

Went to school today for CheerPractice. Woke up at 6.30 , because sharonlim called . then i continued sleeping till 6.45 . Then i called Sharon to ask her if she was wearing red house p.e t-shirt , and she is . But i couldn't find any red house shirt ): mummy havent wash . so yeah , i wore MissLucky :D

left house around 7.15 , reached school at 7.45 . Then met up with Sharon . Yeah i went to school that early , just to teman her -.-' We headed over to McD for breakfast :) its been long since i had McD breakfast set :D :D and we were talking and all . We also saw this girl's boyfriend which looked damn alike ! not sure , if it's him . Around 8.10 , we went back to school . Kellie wasn't that yet , so we went to talk to Hadriz , and then later Yen came . around 8.45 , Kellie came and called us to meet her at courtyard .

So we walked , and then suddenly sharon and i saw this hairband which we thought belong to this bitch . So we were kind enough to go ask her if that was her's . We were shouting across , like kind of far apart , and that bitch showed us some dulan / fucked up face , and then we asked " is this yours ? " and she said NOOO ! with that dulan face -.-' so i just pulled sharon away , and told her ' We shall not even fucking care if its hers . ' like wtf man . Then on the way to courtyard , i fucking curse her . and shouted all the words with Fuck , hoping that she could hear . ppft . She thinks she's all that cause she has this hot guy as her boyfriend / kao-ing her . Sharon says he's not even close to hot , but hey ! he's kind of good-looking ;)

Then more people came , and we started cheering . Danced + fly and all . Then around 12 , we went out to get drinks / lunch :D Aurelia & I drank this passionfruitbubbletea , which doesn't even taste like passionfruit ! It was like tasteless . Then we head back to school , and started to do our jumps / bridges and all ;) then around 1.45 , Kellie went home . So , practice was over .

Yeah , that was likely my day :D and now i'm going to do some homeworks , before i hit the pillows :)

Fantaasy girl ? Fantasy whaat ?
Fantasy Girls Are All Over The World .



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