Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I believe in karma ;D

heeelllo ;) haven been blogging for 2 days .

22/03/09 .

woke up at 8.30 , then got ready for tuition . left house at 9.15 , and went to Damansara Uptown for dimsum ;) Dimsum on sunday morning is awesome ! yeah , i was late for maths tuition , again T_T anyways , tuition ended around 11.30 . got home and watched some tivo .

around 1 something , left to Curve :D daddy bought me revision books , and i finally got my ' be careful what you wish for - alexandra potter ' book :D :D . after popular , went to Uncle Lim's Kopitiam for lunch . then we went home around 4 something .

after that , sis ; bro and i went over to Kompleks 3K for this bazaar thing . and it was boring -.-' not crowded as what we expected . shirts weren't that nice either . so we got home like 30 mins later ?

i bathed and all . at 6 , we left house to KL . first we went to my dad's friend house . it tooks us 1 hour , cause we were damn sesat . we sat and ate some mee there ;) after that , around 7 , we left to find for this hill which my sis calls is ' Small Genting ' . that hill , we can see the whole KL view :D first , we went to this hill , and ... it was not a very high hill . it was damn low , and all they have for dinner is all the mamak thing . so my dad didn't want . then the 2nd hill , we went is this .. DAMN FRIGGING HIGH HILL WHICH THE VIEW WAS DAMN NICE :D but didn't have restaurant there . so we stayed up there for 15 mins , then we got down . then the 3rd hill we went , is called as Bukit Ampang / Hulu Langat . and its actually a tourist centre . We wanted to eat at Gasoline Cafe , but we ate at this restaurant instead ;) after we were done , there's this stairs which can bring us up the hill , so we walked up :D :D and there's this ' pondok ' which has 4 levels , and my bro and i went up . i walked up and down twice . around 10 something , we went home ;)

slept in the car . reached home and quickly packed my bag . and got ready for bed , and konged straight away .

tomorrow's REDS lake run ! oh dear ): HOPE I QUALIFY * PRAYS *

i'm so confused right now ,
what if i tell you i like you now ?
will you give me a chance ?



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