Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love is blind .

today was the SPM results ;)

yeah i was so excited to know what's my bro results as though i was the one taking it :D and yeah . my name was written on the control book for ponteng-ing P.E , but HEY . I WANTED TO SEE MY BRO'S SPM RESULTS OKAY ! I WAS FRIGGING WORRIED + EXCITED FOR MY BRO ): i can't believe my name was frigging written on the control book ! i went for the attendance counting , and some people .. didnt even go for the attendance counting , practically didnt get their names in the control book )=< probably he'll find some excuses . baahh ! but its not like i want to ponteng it for fun right ):

anyways , i told my mum bout it ... and she didnt really comment bout it , cause i dont frigging care bout anymore , since our school doesnt have CS anymore .

after school , i reached home and started talking to my mum bout my bro's results ;) 5A1's , 2A2's , 3B3's , 16C . it was goood :D so we went out for a dinner celebration along with ViJune for her 9A's ;)

bro and Vijune reached home around 6 , and we left house around 6.40 to centrepoint for dinner :D Dragon-I . We were talking bout results , and i was talking to Vijune bout school and all . twas , it was fun . It's been long since we had a family dinner thing , and this time , we had Vijune joining us . since my dad didn't officially meet her before ;)

my mum say she has confidence in me getting 7A's for pmr . dayum , pressure T_T

Baby , can we make up now cause i can't sleep through the pain .



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