Thursday, January 22, 2009

PokerFace :D

heeelllo :D i know i havent been blogging since forever ! so sorrry . and i am not suppose to be online right now , but who cares . I left all my books in class , so prac , im too lazy to study now T_T

OH , RED HOUSE CHEER AUDITION TOMORROW T_T damn . wish me good luck :\ and i wish all sriklgirls whose going to go for cheer audition , a BIG BIG GOOD LUCK :D

anyways , our very first sports practice for year 2009 , was on wednesday . i ran 1 round , without stopping :D :D im so proud ! i know its very .. laucha -.- but then , what do u expect . i'm lack of stamina + i used to have athsma , so its .. really good for me already ;)

:D :D

i'll blog until now !



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