Saturday, January 24, 2009

i'll be strong .

heeelllo :D im blogging again . eventhough i've nothing to blog -.- omg shitness weih .

do you know my left leg frigging hurts right now ! and i dont know why . it started to hurt since wednesday . after running during sports practice . and i thought it was like my muscle cram or something ? then on thursday , it hurt more . and i went to run for p.e sumore -.- so i thought it was muscle cram too ! so yeah . then on friday , i can hardly walk up the stairs . when i was going up the stairs , in the morning , omg man , it was torture ! thank god , 3 beta was the first floor . so yeah i didnt bother , i just walk lah . then when i came home , i couldn't walk up the stairs . i had to limped around and all . so i decided to tell my mum bout it . she scolded me -.- yeah , she scolded me . and then she helped me to massage my leg and apply some oilment . after that , it felt better :D i could walk now , but then when i go down the stairs or walk up , i have to like .. go steps by steps . yeah -.- my mum wanted to bring me to go those ... chinese doctor . -.-' but i dont want , cause i dont think is something serious right ? anyways , yeah . i can walk now :D

oh im leaaving to ipoh tmrw ! ;) but i havent pack yet ! oh god ! JOANN TEE , I NEED YOU AS MY SMS BUDDY AITE :D :D .

CNY is on monday ! :D :D can you frigging believe it ? :P


I DONT WANT TO GO IPOH * CRIES * i dont know what to pack . i mean what clothes and all ! and i dont want to miss JAY CHOU'S INTERVIEW ! i dont want to not go online T_T i want to sleep in my room ! i dont want to stone at ipoh T_T I JUST DONT FEEL LIKE GOING IPOH T_t GOD . HELP :\



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