Sunday, January 18, 2009

Outing with ah jo jo :D

woke up around 10 something today ;)

on the computer , and quickly print my art stuffs and such . then later chat with joann , ask her if she wants to go pyramid and all :D and she say WANNA GO FENG TAO SINCE SHE WAS EMO-ING + I DIDNT CAMWHORE WITH HER DURING CINDY'S PARTY SINCE I DIDNT GO ):

then later , went to bath :D and ate breakfast . changed and such . left house around 12.15 . then later reached pyramid around 1pm .

met with joann . i called her tho . then she said she was at the main entrance , so i went there . so i called her again , cause i couldnt see her . then we were talking on the phone , suddenly both of us turn our heads , WE SAW EACH OTHER :D and we laughed like shit ;) then later jo jo show me those perfumes strips she took just now . so went parkson , since she want to buy perfume . she bought VeraWang'sPrincess , which smells so GOOD !

after that , went over to Popular since both of us wanted to buy workbooks :D well , technically it was me . she only bought her komsas book :P . and i bought damn many workbooks and stationaries ! then later we were at the cashier . suddenly this woman come and talk to us .

woman : eh girl girl , is ur stuffs over rm50 ? me : i think so .. woman : can you trade with me ? cause my receipt is rm50 , but then i want to refund .. so can you help me ? me : hah ? i dont get you . woman : nvm nvm , you go see if urs over rm50 anot . me : .. okayy ..

so we went to pay lah . and apparently , our stuffs was rm100.71 0.0 . so that lady gave that cashier her receipt and is gona deduct that amount from our receipt , and ah jo jo paid her rm50 . while i pay rm50 to the cashier :D

after that , went to Pro-Eye , cause miss JO JO bought a nerdy Gucci spectacles from there . and we had to wait for 5 mins . so we sort out our Popular Bills and sort of take picture from the reflection of the mirror , but it was damn far , so we didnt really camwhore there .

then when miss tee collected her specs already , we went over to RipCurl as her legs was tortured by her shoe :D so she bought a slipper there . and and i saw PiongMeiTing with her family :) we said hi , and thats all :\ MEITING , I MISS YOU LAAAHH T_T

after that , we went to the TGV to look for movies :D we decided on BedtimeStories as it was at 3.20 . we were so blur man . first , we were lining up , we were very close to the counter , then i was talking to joann , then later the man at the back us was like .. excuse me .. and pointed infront . so i looked , and saw ... that.. the person infront of us , was , way infront already ! t_T if u get what i mean . XD . that wasnt blur enough . then later one of the counter guy , was waving his hand .. and we still didnt know it was our turn to go there XD until the person at the back told us .. it was damn embarassing T_T

then we went to toilet :) and then meet my sister at Diva ;D then it was already 3.10 , so we went up again . and room4 was opened , so we went in ;) we wanted to buy drinks , but the line was super long !! so we just went in . then we saw a small stall selling junk foods + mineral water , so we just bought from there :D and then there was 2 girls sitting at our place ... 0.0 but they moved tho .
BedtimeStories was super hilarious XD and BUGSY IS SUPER CUTE ! RIGHT JOANN :D huge eyes !!!! i rate it like 8/10 ;) it was super good . !

after that , went over to gasoline to have dinner with Rachel :D we were done around 6 . then i met with my sis and Melissa , then headed home :D :D

i still havent got my pics from Joann tho :D

tomorrow's school .. gosh T_T



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