Saturday, January 24, 2009

no , he cant read my poker face :D

HELLO :D can you believe it ? ON monday is going to be Chinese New year !

i'm leaving to ipoh tomorrow ! weeee ~ im not excited ! I CANT BELIEVE IT , ITS CHINESE NEW YEAR ! when all of us are going to get ANGPAU's ! and and , play with fireworks . gamble ! $$ :D i'm going to make it right for my family's reunion dinner ! Yeah baby ;)

but the sad thing is , there's this JAY CHOU INTERVIEW at 2 pm tmrw . so i asked my mum if we can go at 3 ? but she say " by the time we reach also midnight ady . " LIKE WTF T_T 3 PM LAH MUM ! I WANT WATCH SO BADLY T_t its not like you can see Jay Chou Interview on TV everyday OKAY T_t

mum was so busy tiding up the whole house with Kakak Jenny's help . and i was being a couch potato :D i keep eating stuffs , take drinks from the refridgerator , and then walk back to my couch , and watch tv ;D but i sort of helped mum to decorate the house with CNY fever , and also vacumming places / corners around my house .

BRB ! need to bath.

anyways , IM BACK ! YADEEEHOO ;)

sheila lee jy huey :D




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