Saturday, January 17, 2009

yeah , fuck life .

yesterday was a really sad thing for me T_T wanna know why ? i was suppose to go to cindy&stephanie's masquerade party ! but last minute , i didnt go .

i went to ou around 3.30 to buy my mask lah okay . so i bought , and then i bumped into ter & juan ;) so hung out with them . then bumped into jean-ni too :D talked to her for a while . then later went to see ter&juan's present for cindy& steph . and alot of funny things happen ! im so lazy to type it out . so yeah . then later saw su-anne ; krys & alyssa . hung out with them . then around 5.30 , i went home .

wrapped the presents and all , and then changed + got ready . then around 7 , i went down . and apparently , my mum only wants to fetch me at 7.45 -.- WHEN THE PARTY HAS ALREADY STARTED -.-' so i was so damn fucking pissed , and decided not to go . cause it'll be very rude going to someone's masquerate bday party , late . furthermore , it will feel like crashing into their party ): so i cried till 10 -.-' and went down to watch Juno ;)

yeah im still mad at my whole family exclude my sister T_T especially my mum and bro for freaking broke my promise okay ! that party was suppose to be my last party to go before PMR , and its not everyday you can find a MASQUERADE PARTY and also been invited T_T

i know all i have to do , is to get over it -.-' and give me time , i'll sure get over it .! ):



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