Tuesday, January 6, 2009

when it all falls apart ;)

heeello :D we have tons of homework man T_T not tons lah , but still consider alot for 2nd day of school , and i've finally finished ):

anyways , i need a new layout T_T but i'm so lazzzyy to make a new one . as alot of people have trouble loading my blog T_T i need someone to help me , anyone would love to help me ? :D :D

things in school , are kind of good now (: its fun ! :D

oh oh , i would like to thank YENLIN ! for your saving hamburger bank :D :D i'm going to save my money for jay chou's concert on that bank ! hehehe thank you babe ! and also MAY YIN for your handmade bookmark T_T its awesome maaaann ~ ;) thanks so muccchh !

i'm so lazy to blog now ! and i've noone to talk to because joann is away for her physics , and sheila is away t_T boring boring !



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