Saturday, May 2, 2009

Highschool drama ?

i have a new header :)
like it ?

i'm suppose to be out today for movie with friend . but mum was being such a bitch , she didn't allow me to go out and asked me to study instead . ppft . to avoid studying , i went to sleep again till 1 something :)

then woke up , had breakfast , then was on the phone with Sharonbabe . We were discussing bout whether we want to go for SpartansCelebrationParty . Oh well . Then watched some tivo with sister and such . Bath ; played guitar ; and now i'm online ; Restaurant City-ing :) I'm suppose to be studying , yeah i will , in another few minutes .

Some people thinks that highschool is a fun place to go . But , there's something they don't know . Highschool is always fill of drama ; bitches ; gossips and so on and so forth . Highschool is also a place where you meet new friends too :) and getting to know more bout what's coming up in your life soon . Some people tries their best to be popular ; hangs out with the popular one , but they can never manage to . Maybe they'll be , but just for a moment or less . Some people who are already popular , can be betrayed by their own very best friend . That sucks .

Highschool is also the place where you'll experience puppy love or " love " . You'll get to see hot guys and all , not forgetting nerds too . You'll experience how it feels to be loved by someone , and also how it feels to have your heart broken by somebody . Mostly all the girls feels that guys are jerks and assholes . But us , girls will never know how a guy feel deep down inside . Never judge a book by its cover :) You'll also secretly having a crush on someone , laying on the bed everynight , thinking how you can be close to him and all . Some guys may also be hitting on you too , but he's just not the guy you ever wanted .

I'm so sick of highschool right now . I'm so sick of worrying on my friends , being paranoid if they hates me or something else. I'm sick of betrayals ; hatreds . I'm so sick of tolerating . I'm so sick of hiding my true feelings . I'm just so sick of everything which is happening in highschool now . I'm so sick of examinations . I'm so sick of home too . But , these are the lessons you have to learn . It's a part of growing up . So , what can i do ? I'll just have to live with it :) I'll just have to pray that time passes really fast :D

can you believe it ?
it's effing May now .
MayYin's birthday is coming up :)



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