Friday, May 1, 2009

When i'm not with you ;)

its currently 2.35 a.m . and i can't sleep .

there is so many things in my mind now .

i'm just feeling so confused right now .

i wrote a song , called " when i'm not with you . "
though it's not done :)
but i wrote it for the people who have walked out from my life ,
and i'm missing them right now .

summer is over ,
wind is blowing ,
but i don't feel a thing .
how or when to start ,
i don't know .

everything is wrong ,
and nothing feels right ,
since you've walked away .
now that you're gone ,
it's gone , you're gone , we're done .

but there's a rhythm in my mind ,
showing me what's wrong or right .

And i'm feeling so alone ,
i'm dying just to see ,
I can't breath , no i can't speak without you .
And 'm feeling so down when i'm not with you ,
I can't see our future here ,
when i'm not with you .



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