Friday, May 29, 2009

Just when you think the road is going nowhere .

Finally , the exam's over . Stress-free for 2 whole weeks though i'm going to study a lil during hols , cause this midyear'xam i've done pretty bad . so dissapointing . and im glad that mummy didn't nag or whatsoever , instead she consoled me alot :) well , I LOVE YOU MUM :D

exam has been pretty okaaaaaayy . though i got back several marks of mine , which was really bad , as i've said . i think i'm sort of satisfied in a way , cause i know i didn't put much of my effort in it , so who to blame . oh well , going to try harder during trials . this 'xam , didn't have any urge to study nor any mood to study NOR adrenaline to study . I studied a bit , just for the sake of studying . like ... just .. okay .

anyways , everyone has been talking bout AmericanIdol8 , and of course , i wouldnt want to leave that out too . Kris Allen was the winner , and some people didn't quite agree on it , and they thught that Adam Lambert should have won . Well , for me . I've been Kris Allen fan throughout the whole AI . the first time i saw him ,i was like " omg whose that guy ? " Well , that was when I took notice of him at his auditions . Then i didn't quite follow AI for some time , till the Top 13th ? That was when I know Kris Allen made it , and i was a fan of him somehow . I liked him ;) But ... when I knew he won , i wasn't really happy , though I was happy for him . But i felt that Adam should have won . Both of them are awesome , and I just like them both . I support both of them . I think that both of them are unique in their own ways . Adam has his own punky ; gothic emo type , and Kris is just those type of idols which i love ;)

okay enough of AI .


tuning in : No Boundaries - Kris Allen .


omg . i'm so bored . it seems like i don't enjoy the feeling of after exam . when i was still having exam , I WAS CRAVING TO GO ONLINE LIKE DEAD SHIT , and now ! im so bored till i dont even know what i can do . pfft .

JOAANNN WHERE YOU ): I MISS TALKING TO YOU LAAAAAAHHH . i want to talk to you t_T you say got alot of tell me ): you di mana ?

yeah , every now and then , i'm scrolling my MSN contact lists just to see if she's online ): im sure she's somewhere outside with friends now .

why can't my life just be lil more exciting ? why must it be dead shit boring ? gosh .

shut up and put your money where your mouth is ,
thats what you get for waking up in vegas :)



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