Friday, May 1, 2009

I go ooh ooh , you go ah ah . :)

today wasn't productive at all .

ClairetheHoneyBums flew to Phuket today morning :D Enjoy yeah babe ! Did i mention that she's braces free right now ? Her teeth is sparkly and straight now . I still remember she put on her braces on 26Nov 2007 . That's why she couldn't celebrate my bday with me that year ): oh well , 1 & a half year has just passed . Fast eh ? Oh well , going back to her flying to Phuket . She's going to be on her new Red Bikini , and she's smoking hot till she burns every guy :D

Woke up at 11.30a.m today . Whole family was so noisy . Every one can't stop coming in to my room , opening the door , closing the door . I couldn't take it anymore , so i went down for TiVo & breakfast :) then i fixed my k.h woodwork . And I on-ed the laptop . Been so caught up with the lappie the whole day , except for some times I went to do my hw :) Which just lasted for 20 minutes .? okay less than that .

In the afternoon , I webcam-ed with my baby nieces cause my sis and mum were with the aunties and so on :) I couldn't go , cause I told my mum that I wanted to study . Yeah , I'm such a smartass . So I was prohibited to leave the house -.-' Anyways , my baby nieces were so cute :) and they talked to me in msn !

" hello , I'm yen zi . "
" HI YEN ZI :D do you know who am i ?"
" Xiao Piao Yi (youngest aunty)"
" good girl :) "
*started to send me all type of emoticons*

guess kids will be kids :)

Was at home with Daddy the whole day , and thank god he didn't check on me , and asked me to study :D So i GossipGirl-ed ; RestaurantCity-ed ; and so on .

So obviously , today wasn't productive at all . I even ate my lunch in my room ; on my bed ; watching GossipGirl .



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