Friday, May 1, 2009

I just can't resist you , it's not enough to say i miss you .

school's been a lil bitch these days ): or maybe its me , as i'm very emotional this days .

I cried like in the morning , AT HOME ! what da toot . then i was so piss in the car , i cried , but tried to hold up my tears . i reached school , and straight away told Claire&Sheila , what a dad i have -.-'

And Eugene came in the class , looking so prepared for camping :D yeah prefects have this camp thing , and Sheila and I were ransacking his food bag ! :D

first period was shitty . Geo . Had to copy some notes and so on and forth . Then was English . oh my effing god . Boring as ever . But literature is good though :) I like Dr.Jekyll&Mr.Hyde ! Then was break .

After that was Maths . Was doing Maths with Katie. we had a hard time solving AlgebraicFormulae . Torture man , real torture .

Then was P.E . had choir practice :) but not many people were there . So , we went up to call all the members down , and everyone was busy with their studies . -.-' Then Science , another choir practice . We sang abit of AbbaMedly :)

Then was lunch .

*Everyone asking where where where and trying to look for the scratch which wasn't that visible*
*He made such big mess , and everyone was asking him to get a screen protector / pouch *
philippe : WAIIIT ! I DO HAVE A SCREEN PROTECTOR , SO IT'S NOT A SCRATCH :D i better sms my mum now to ask her not to buy .

oh my . It was damn funny :)

After that was 2 periods of K.H . finally , was down with my K.H woodwork , though it sucks and not pretty . But due to those hectic cheer practices i had , I managed to finish it by today :) really proud :D

Then looked for Mr.Liew after K.H . reached class after doing it . and found out that someone spoilt my doorframe for my k.h woodwork . okay , not spoil . eventually they held it up , and it just came out . So yeah . I was so stressed bout it , so i just wanted to be alone and everything . Though i managed to let it out to AhChew&Sheila .

Then Sheila & I wanted to go down to the bengkel to fix my door , but Pn.Lim was inside , so we were afraid . I was like thinking " aiya monday laah " . then talked to MeiYin&Katie :) thank you MeiYin for your MENTOS :D that really gave me back my mood :D Mentos just make me high , then i remembered that I DO HAVE A WOODGLUE AT HOME :D :D so I DONT HAVE TO WAIT TILL MONDAY :)

then was B.M . oh you know i had David.A's picture in my file . and Stanley drew a HarryPorter's spectacles and drew a lightning scar on his face . HHAHA stanley called the scar , THUNDER !

Stanley : David Porter .
CheeSoong : Harry Archuleta .
Me : Where did hairy come from ? * i thought hairy okaaay ! *
CheeSoong : HARRY PORTER ? 0.0
Me : OHHH ! *laughed*

that was really funny if you were there :D :D spent the whole B.M time , laughing . told ya i'm emotional !

Stanley : If you girls tell us when you're having your period , it'll make us guys life easier .
Me : Huh ? If we tell you when we're having period , it'll make your life easier ? o.O
Stanley : yeaaaaahh .
Me : oh okay . Stanley , i'm having it .
Stanley : Yeah right -.-
Me : no , i'm serious .

That explains all :)

Glad that tomorrow is school-free :D don't have to wake up so early anymore !



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