Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Untouched .

OMFG . today can just be the worst day of my life . okay , not worst , but BAD DAY ):

something happen in school and i was so piss , thank you , STANLEY 0.0 my pouch & the videos !! but thank god , it's over :) and then , i'd another problem . only my babes know , and thank god , i've reached home , so problem solved .

i thought that was it , BUT THERE'S SOMETHING MORE !

I FRIGGING LEFT MY MATHS BOOKS IN SCHOOL T_T AND I'VE HOMEWORK OMFG . i thought today damn senang , no homework !! ugh . i'm feeling so guilty right now for not doing it at home ): ): and sumore i damn free lor .

at least i have homework , i can act study ma . cehwah . but then .. i'm going online now ! BUT SOON I'LL GO TO SLEEP to kill time , and at least finish up my piano hw and then study abit of sejarah :) that shall be my day !

anyhoos , I HATE MYSELF T_T i'm sorrrrryy braaannddonn ! for saying something which i shouldn't ! i've this habit of saying stuffs without going through my brains !! during my second boy relationship , i said something to a friend of mine which really did hurt that guy , and i thought that was my"ActingCool" so that i could hold up my tears , and .. i got BETRAYED . so that was like ... MY FAULT ! cause i should have NOT SAID IT T_T and just fuck it !
and next , i've experienced some times which i've said some wrong things , till my friendship got ruined okaaayy T_T but thank god now things are okay . you can just kill me , sue me already T_T

ANYWAY !! BRANDON CHEW , I'M SORRRY ! FORGIVE ME ? ): (A)[ that's an emoticon for angel if you didnt know that , try that on MSN :D]

i wore redribbon to school today ! REDCHEERS , WHY NEVER WEAR T_T yes , aurelia , sharon , yen & sher , you guys wore . how bout the others ? ):

i've gone crazy from the moment i met you .



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