Sunday, April 19, 2009

350th post :)

Today's my 350th POST for . say YAY :D yay !

Woke up at 8.45 in the morning . Got dressed , then went to eat dimsum at Damansara Uptown with mummy ;) After breakfast , went for MathsTuition . Tuition was fun today ! :D :D we laughed alot , and teacher was telling us about her stuffs too , enjoyed tuition alot today (: Then , I changed in the car ( you know where you put ur jersey over ur top , and took out your top underneath -.-' ) wore Shaza's Jersey again , cause my shirt was in the washing machine . Reached school around 11.45 :D :D learned new steps for Poker Face . Then , we tried our flying formation . Around 1 , we went for lunch . SweetCafe was our initial plan(all of us were craving for bubbletea ) , but it wasn't open . So we went to McDonalds instead , since we needed aircond BADLY ! and we ate / talked / bonded alot ! for a hour or less :D and we were laughing alot , and we were laughing LOUDLY ! until we got complaints by the McDonald fella , cause she claims that she couldn't listen to the orders -.-' WHAAAT RUBISSH !

Then we left , and we continued dance , with our position / formations / routine and everything :) everyone came except SHARON ! SHARON T_T you missed out ALOT LAH DEAR !

Charmaine and I were hitting our ass together .

I know we're gay ,
and we're still gay ,
I know it ,
You know it ,
We know it ,
We'll stop it :D

I made that up while hitting her ass with mine :) then aurelia sticked her ass into the middle , but we stopped hitting already . so it was damn embarassing for her !

and ..

Ariel called her boyfriend Bii (short form for baby , if you don't know that) , and I thought she was calling KELLIE'S BOYFRIEND cause he suddenly stood up ! so maine and i came up with something better :)

B = Kellie's boyfriend .
C = Ariel's boyfriend .
A = Aurelia's boyfriend :)

Maine got that cause she was super lame :D :D

and i left at 5pm . Got home , quickly spray paint my KH woodwork , with my brother :) we did have a lil bonding time , after how long . My sister too :D :D love them to BITS !

tomorrow's school ! UGH ! I hate it , and assembly too ! ): But , having cheer for last 2 periods :D yeah baby .!

OH ARIEL SAID THAT .. if you have a dream , and you remember it , it's a dream which won't come true . But if you don't , means it'll come true , that's why you have DEJA VU ! OMG THANK GOD T_T cause yesterday , i dreamt that my girls hated me ): like seriously hated me . And there was several times , I dreamt that Malaysia got EARTHQUAKE & TSUNAMI ! omg omg thank god it won't come true :D :D


i'm still not over ARCHULETA , f.y.i .

cause if anyone can make me fall in love,
you can .



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