Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sports's day :)

Saturday 25/04/09 .

woke up at 5.45 a.m , but I slept at 12.30 last night , so i rolled on the bed for an extra 15 minutes as I was so tired . Managed to drag myself out at 6 . Washed my face , got ready , got dressed by 6.20 . I spent 10 minutes to find my white shoes , mana tau , it's inside the box -.-' and I didnt find properly . So yeah . left the house at 6.30 . Reached stadium around 7 . same time with Sharon :)

The 2 captains werent there yet , so yeah . called them and they said they are on the way , so we waited a lil bit longer . some reached earlier already :) then the captains arrived . called some people who were lates .. as usual , those who stayed over at maine's :P then went over to the track to know our positions . spent around 15 minutes there .

Then we changed to our costume , and tied our hair . Felt so cheerleader-ish cause we tied our hair , way high up :P It was marchpass then . Cheerleaders needed to help them with the banners and everything . So we watched , and waited for them :) the red's marchpassers were damn damn BLUR ! I passed them their board , and they were like ' HAH ! ' -.-

then Ariel a.k.a , the co-capt , did our make ups :) I was the first one , cause she wanted to try on me first , and it sort of came out pretty well :D way to go , co-capt ! she did all 15 of us , and did hers , last . It was already 11 , by then . So we ran through our last routine and stuffs . Thing were pretty messed up , everyone was practically stressed out .

Then around 11.30 , cheer started . First was green , followed by yellow , then blue , last was red :) "keep the best for last ! " , quoted by Lynn . had fun performing . and I could say , what we did out there , was the best performance we had ever done , better than our practices :D :D love you , red cheerleaders ! : P

We screamt like shit when it was finally over , we were so happy as we didnt screw anything , although some were really blur , but as i could say , we did our best ! THANK YOU TO ALL REDS CHEERLEADERS :D :D LOVE YOU GUYS TO THE MAX ESP KELLIE & ARIEL :)

After that , went to buy some drinks , and saw my babes :) quickly hug them cause I needed them that time ! Then , went to cheer for some running events :D :D and went to join Claire & Redza after that . Then around 1 , we had to go down to the field as it was prize giving already . :)

Congrats to all medal winners . and Jodie ( Sportswoman class 3 ) , Ryan Yee ( Sportsman class 3 ) , Jes See ( sportswoman class 2 ) , Joshua ( sportswoman class 2 ) , Madeline Teo ( sportswoman class 1 ) , Faris a.k.a our very own red house captain :) (sportsman class 1) .

3 from yellow & 3 from reds :) super cool !

Red's overall was second :D and it was great ! thanks to all who paid alot of effort for red's this year ! Red's marchpass was third this year though . Red's cheerleading got FIRST :D :D and i'm happpy ! VERY ! we held our hands together when the results were announced . Ariel & Kellie were super happy ! They went up to take the trophy :) Ariel cried like hell . Krystal too ! EVERYONE WAS SO HYPED UP T_t thank you girls !

message to all Red's Cheerleaders '09 :

hey babes . We've won again . Our pretty fourth year :) Can you believe it , girls ? All this time we thought we wouldnt , but we DID ! WE DID OUR BEST and it was ze' bom ! The best we have ever done . And of cause we need our captains to give us a treat right :P we'll have to go out , AS A TEAM ! Our bonding time ! I'm so gonna miss cheer now , our hardcore practices . The times where Kellie will scream into our ears :P the times where all of us will go lame with Maine & Krys , the times where we'll get so amazed by Krys' toss & twistcradle . The times where .. we LEARN OUR NEW STEPS and everything ! Too many to be mentioned : P . Thanks to our tosers and twist cradle too ( prac are the same flyer just diff bases ) . Thanks to all the girls who did their best esp those who try so hard to remember the positions & dance steps . and eventhough we did our whole routine like last minute , and got our positions everything like 6 days before , we've done it :D and like how we used to usually stop at REDS . AHAH it's just hilarious thinking back bout it :P

Yen ; i know you had a hard time remembering those , thanks babe , you never screwed up :D I knew you could do it , cause we had faith in you . and THANKS for being my base :) and sorry if i had shout at you so many times when we were flying T_T

SuMae ; thanks for the nice intro toss , thanks for your twist cradle :P thanks for flying Zhi Ying ( if that's how you spell her name o.O ) sorry if i shouted at you too much .

Guan ; You got your head hit when you were doing toss before cheer started . And I know it hurt so much ! Thanks toss spotter ;) and you're great dear !

Sher ; BABE , you energetic girl ! Stop jumping when you're dancing :P you jumpy girl ! You did your best and i'm so proud of you :D :D

Han Su-Ann ? ; okay however you spell your name . I still dont know how to spell your name T_T sorrry ! you strong lady :P Thanks for toss and twistcrad !

KrystalOng ; You lame fella , my laughing buddy :) the best flyer in REDS . thanks for your high toss , and your pretty prety twistcradle :D :D it rocked ! and i knew that was your best ! Im sure you were pretty satisfied too right ! okay lah , YOU ROCK :D

ZhiYing ; my pretty pretty flyer :) sorry for not catching you when you fell that time , twice okay T_T i felt very bad as your spotter . i know i suck , and you rock kay babe ! You did really well :) Really , you did . You flew like you're suppose to , and i know it was your best ! I know you had done your best throughout the whole thing , and I'm really proud of you :) :) hope I can be your spotter next year ! YOU BETTER JOIN :P

Hafiza ; Yo girl :D I dont know what to say to you , cause i know i rarely talked to you during practices . But i know you were freaking out before cheer started . You were calm :) and you did your best ! that was really good :)

Jia qi ; EH YOU 28KG GIRL ): so jealous of you T_T thanks for your extension girl ! YOU ROCK :D :D and yes , we've won first place . AHHA . you funny lil girl :P i know we had call you drama queen , but you had your funny times :D

Aurelia ; AUREELLLIAAA :D :D no wait , i mean AH THAI ! thanks for teman-ing me whenever Sharon is not around for practices , wait sorry , is you should thank me for teman-ing you . HAHA KIDDING :p thanks for driving us around when we need you :P i mean asking your driver :) and chill girl ! stop being so frustrated over your worst enemy , no use :P cause she suck . ahahah ! love you cheer buddy !

Sharon ; EH BITCH :P nolah , BABE :) we've WON FIRST ! as you've always wanted :P I know you wanted this so much , and you better thank each single of us :P love you cheer buddy :) we had our gossips and bonding time ! and the times where we had early breakfast together ! and I know you were sort of piss during cheer practices some day , but now it's over , you'll miss it ! doesn't matter , JOIN LAH NEXT YEAR T_t i dont care , I VOTE YOU AS CAPTAIN . HAHAHA , then you have to join :P :P

Charmaine ; BABE ! you strong lady ! :P thanks for your toss ;) :) and thanks for making me lame too during cheer practices ! thanks for basing zhi ying ! :D :D and im sorry that i didnt catch her that day T_T

Abby ; hey girl :) thanks for not telling anyone , that i took someone's poms :D okay i didnt take someone's poms . I didnt know whose was it , and i lost mine . So , i figured , that it was mine , but it doesnt matter , it was sort of extra's tho :D :D

Mico ; REMEMBER ! WHAT WE TALKED IN THE CAR , STAYS IN THE CAR KAY :P haha hi :P thanks for extending Jia Qi !

Ariel , CO CAPTAIN ! & Kellie , CheerCaptain'09 ; thanks for choreographing every dance of ours :D :D it was preety pretty ! and thanks for doing our make ups ! thanks for figuring out our routines & formations and all . thanks for everything :) and sorry if we did piss you off at times , but we did our best and we've grabbed the champion , once again ! we promised you we'll do it for both of you , and we did :D so we better wait for your treat ! we need to go out kay :P

LOVE ALL OF YOU REDS CHEERLEADERS :D :D all of you rock :) and all of you are ze' best !

btw , thanks to all red's comittee , who've done so much for Red House , and those who did our banners too :D :D esp Faris , Farah , Zue Yi & more.

After sports , went with my babes :) May Yin ; Natalie & Claire . we bought ice-cream while waiting for Nat's car . then it came , and went over to Sakae Sushi , Parade , for lunch :D we had a great one hour lunch ! We talked bout cheer and everything . We were half broke after eating . AHHA . we went there with our cheer costumes okay ! and claire went with the green shirt :P

me : at least we wearing our cheer costumes is normal , cause is damn obvious we are cheerleaders , but claire ah .. you wearing some .. green house t-shirt , people think you sakai :P
claire : TSSKKK !
may : eh wear your last year's cheer costume :D :D

HAHAHAH . then went over to claire's house . Chen Hong & Gregory were there . said hi and all :) and we were playing around . we were damn high . then went up , saw pei hsien & cindy . talked to them bout cheer :D then they went to pyramid . left 4 of us in the house .

I changed , and took off my make up . and went down . Claire got us some chocolate drink . we wanted Milo , but she thought that chocolate powder was Milo .

Nat : *after stirring* .. CLAIRE , why isit so dark ? 0.0
me : CLAIRE ! is chocolate powder laaahh !
claire : really ah ? soorrry i didnt know .

AHAHHA . then went up and watch My BestFriend's Girl . May yin fell asleep :P I wanted to sleep , but it was frigging hot , god knows what happened to her aircond . So i was turning around her bed . I closed my eyes for a while though . Nat & Claire were the ones watching :) ended around 5.50 . went down to her computer room :) went online and everything . Around 6.15 , left .

reached the house around 6.30 . then played badminton with Jie :) till 7pm , quickly bathed and everything . around 8 something , played badminton with Kor . Yeah , this is what sisters are for -.-' to play badminton with :P then i was in need of Coke so much , I asked my bro to tapau , but then i waso so tired to wait for him , so i went to konged at 10 :P

i will update pictures tomorrow i guess :)
tomorrow is HOLIDAY !




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