Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just noone else but me .

I'm feeling really down right now ): Cause i haven't done my k.h woodwork , and i cant nail it now , CAUSE I DONT KNOW HOW TO ! and yes , i do suck at it T_T i don't want to trouble my friends so much on this , cause i know i've been troubling shaza all this while ... yes babe , owe you lots . & i'm not sure if the others are willing to help , so yeaah .

and ... I'M FEELING REALLY TAK SUKA ON THIS GIRL RIGHT NOW T_T yeah maybe it's just me , or now that i found out her " true colours " , and maybe what others said were right . She's not the best , but she acts it all out as though she is . Call me two-faced bitch or whatever , but still . I just can't deny / hide my feelings just for you . But I think i'm just going to shut up bout you , since i dont want to ruin our friendship , then more problems come out . Yada yada , whatever .

and and .. I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING FOR MY KERJA KURSUS SEJARAH . oh my fucking god . I've been ditching school homeworks lately , and something to do to stop it , IS TO GET MY FUCKING ASS OUT OF THE FUCKING COMPUTER CHAIR T_t

i've been cursing alot . and .. I do find myself saying ' fuck ' , pretty rude . but there's no other word i can say . i want to say HOLY MAMA , but ... i'm not used to it . I'll eventually come out with a fuck word . Like i drop my purse , FUCK -.-' or maybe SHIT . if i didnt do something i m suppose to , or i did something wrong , i'll be like FUCK MAAAN ! what's wrong with me -.-'

grrr ): I dont even know how to do poms poms . Yeah , cut it , i know . But how do you frigging tie it ): ): KEELLLLIIIEEEE ! HEEELP T_T

oh oh , CLAIRE JUST AGREED TO HELP ME WITH MY K.H WOODWORK , OMG OMG LOVE YOU HONEYBUMS T_T she's always there for me , to finish up my work , WHEN I'M REALLY STRESS ! * she even helps me write some simple stuffs , sometime t_T * SHE'S JUST ZE' BEST ! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU !

i'm going to continue my nailing my woodwork , hopefully i can manage to do it .

aahh . daaamn it .

i didn't do my nailing . MY BROTHER DID IT FOR ME :D so claire , scratch that . :) he's such a sweetheart T_T HE VOLUNTEERED TO NAIL IT FOR ME ! LOVE LOVE HIM :D :D

blame me for not building up all my courage to talk to you ,
blame me for not knowing how you feels ,
blame me for not figuring out what i could do ,
but just so you know ,
i do need you and want you .

I can't stand but to admit ,
that i'm jealous when you're with her .
There's nothing i wouldn't do ,
just to be with you .

I want to be the one whose there for you ,
I just want to be the one who loves you ,
like nobody's ever done , and i'll be the first ,
just only me .
I want to be you favourite girl ,
then you only have to pick me and nobody else ,
just noone else , but me .



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