Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hotel For Dogs ?

i told myself that i won't go online during this 2 weeks till exams are over , but .. hell no maan . I couldn't resist . Oh well :)

I just finish watching HOTEL FOR DOGS . and oh my god , i cried like shit T_T and it was so sad ): but though it was a happy ending .

i know i haven't been blogging , but i dont want to blog TOO MUCH , since SOME " PEOPLE " said that i blogged too much . like wtf -.-' my blog , my life , my decision :) no need you to judge whether i blog too much or not :D at least i don't go around , asking people to follow me so i can earn money right ? well , check out his blog . FloweringSnow?

im running for gossip girl soon :) then to books !



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