Sunday, October 4, 2009

You came into my life,

and i thought, hey,you know this could be something.

I think i may sound like a stalker :X CAUSE I JUST STALKED BOYSLIKEGIRLS TODAY. But i'm really glad that could meet BryanDonahue &JohnKeefe. Kinda upset, cause we couldn't meet PaulDigiovanni; MartinJohnson.

Around 1.15a.m yesterday, Danielle;Sheena and I were talking about BLG. Suddenly Dan had the urge to meet JohnKeefe, and she gave the idea of stalking them at their hotels. I know the hotel quite well, so why not right? We planned our time and everything.

Then, Danielle asked her mum at 10am, and apparently, her mum allowed. Sheena's mum allowed her too. So it was only me. My dad allowed, but i didn't have transport. My mum refused to fetch me to Danielle's house at first, but she did in the end :)

Around 12.35p.m, left to Dan's house :D Around 2.10p.m, we left Dan's house, and headed to KL :D Reached the hotel around 2.30 p.m. Was really bored, and we were trying not to make so much noise. Around 2.55p.m, AnisFilza came to the hotel, and we sat down at the ReceptionistDesk. I brought my books to study :D At 3.15p.m, Lizzie came and met us :) She's really nice! So friendly & pretty too! I met her on twitter, and it was my first time meeting her there! Heh.

Then we waited for like an hour, and around 4pm, we were like stoning and kept quiet. Suddenly, I heard Sheena saying " Psshhhh" *idk what the hell she was saying. * So i turned my back, AND I SAW BRYANDONAHUE COMING OUT FROM THE ELEVATOR. OHMYFUCKINGMAMA. He saw us, and gave us a smile! He was so cute T_T And he waved at us :) 5 of us were like, stunned. And nobody moved for like 30 seconds. We were so dumb, to not even chase after him. But, we managed to say BYE :D

Lizzie & I then, went outside to check where did Bryan go, but we didn't manage to catch him around. Then around 5 something, we saw Lenka :) At first, she came down from the lobby, with just wearing a robe, and i didn't know it was her. So my head, was like thinking " Woah, this tourist, is really cool. She came down to the lobby, with just a robe". Then, Lizzie told us it was LENKAKRIPAC! We panicked shit, and wanted to ask her for photographs. But it's just plain rude.

So Anis went to asked her for autograph, but the SonyPeople said that she'll come back down, and asked us to wait -.- Then, Lenka was waiting for the elevator, Anis just went up to her and asked for autograph :) We said HI to her, and BYE to her! She's kinda friendly :D :D

Then it was around 5.30p.m, saw like BLG's manager/assistants and all :) We talked in Malay, so that they wouldn't know we were talking about BLG. But, Danielle, the smart ass.. said something in malay, then MARTIN'S name. Well, obviously they'd know right? So she was like " Err.. MartinOng." HAHAHA. WE BURST OUT INTO LAUGHERS. Managed to ask them if BLG was coming down, but he didn't know. Then, we saw Lenka's band members too, and we talked in Malay, then Sheena said something like " itu bukan LENKA". So, she stated the obvious again. And we were like.." LENKA ONG." HAHAHAHA. It's a you-got-to-be-there-thing :)

We felt so bummed when it was 5.45p.m, cause like.. we were about to leave and we didn't get to take a picture with any of them. Then around 5 minutes later, the elevator door opened, and i saw JOHNKEEFE. I couldn't believe my eyes, honestly. Till, DAN shouted BEEF!

Dan: BEEF!
Sheen: OH MY GOD.
*Anis;Me;Lizzie squealed*
Dan: Can we have a picture? PLEASE?!
John: sure!
Me: John! Do you remember me? I was telling you that i had a friend, Dan. She's Dan :) *points to Dan.
John: Oh yeah. I remember you :) You guys have been waiting all day?
All of us: YEAAAAHH.
Me: For 4 hours :D
John: Wow, you guys are determined!
*asked for photographs+autographs* HE HELD MY WAIST. OH MY MAMA, AND I WAS SHAKING T_T
John: Why are you guys shaking?
Me: Cause we're excited!
John: For?
Lizzie: I caught your drumsticks. (she went for HennessyArtistryEvent, last night)
John: Oh that's cool!

Before he left, we asked him for HUGS! OMG, I LOVE HIS HUG T_T. Then Dan and Sheena gave him a kiss on his cheeks :) After that, he left. Then, WE WERE LIKE " OMGGGGG." *squealed. Around 3 minutes later, I left to Danielle's house with Sheen ;D


they're leaving to Vietnam tomorrow. Oh well. Hope that i'll get to meet them the next time they're back in Malaysia :)

p.s:// i may have left somemore details. Read Sheena;Danielle; for more details :)



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