Monday, October 26, 2009

You are the only exception.

you are the only exception.

I've no idea why i'm feeling down again. I thought i could put it all aside, but sheila made me realized that there's no way that i can put this feeling away, that easily. There's just times, where i feel like slamming my keys, and just type " DOODE, I LIKE YOU. " and send it to you, period. But i'll start to think twice, about how's it going to affect our friendship, and how's it going to affect everyone else, not just you and me. Things might change, and it might get worse. Things that we will never know, might happened. It might be good, if you feel the same way as i do, but i'm sure it'll be pretty bad, if you don't. Sometimes is just good to just keep it to yourself, but i just can't take it anymore. I can't bear with this fucking feeling. I think i'll only feel better when i've finally find my guts out to tell you i like you.

Going to sleep now. Hope that i can meet Nataliehay in 8 hours, and also sleepover at Mayyin's!



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