Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sing us a song, and we'll sing it back to you.

We could sing our own, but what would it be without you.

Went for school today. I know i know, it's after PMR, and i'm still going to school. I miss my friends so much okaaayy! So yeah.

Came back home yesterday night. Was feeling so hyper, cause I'm finally back home after 6 days of being away :) Have never been away from my family for so long. 4 days at Singapore, 2 days at Nataliehayyianyian's. Parents were like happy to see me, and i gave them big hugs cause i dearly missed them. I couldn't stop blabbing about Singapore to my mum, HAHA. I pitied her that time, cause she was forced to listen to me.

There's so much to say about my 6 days. I guess, it has been my best week ever, best 6 days in my whole life. Getting to spend my days and nights with my best buddies :D

Oh well, I'll blog later when i'm done napping!

Have you ever felt so lost? Is like, you've so much to say, but just right now, at this moment, you're lost. You've no idea what it's like, or what you want. It's like you're just standing in the middle of a desert, with no one, and nothing. But just you. You're not sure on what you're suppose to do, to save yourself. You know there's a way, but you ain't getting there. You're clueless bout everything which is happening right now. You don't wanna fall deep, so you're pulling back yourself from everything which is pulling you in. You know nothing bout it, but your mind just cant stop thinking bout it. It just leaves you, standing in a middle of nowhere, feeling lost and clueless. You know you could, but you don't know if you want to. Somehow, you know something's stopping you from it. I don't wanna fall back in it.



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