Saturday, October 24, 2009

DJ, you build me up,you break me down.

My heart, it pounds. Yeah, you got me.

It's been long since i've blogged. I'm so lazy to blog bout it, but a part of me wanna blog bout it :)

It's going to be a LONG POST ahead.


Slept over at Clairecosset's the night before with Mayyin. Woke up quite early. Showered, got ready, then packed. Double check-ed on our luggage. Was waiting for Nataliehay, but we decided to meet her in school. Left Clairecosset's at 7a.m, then headed to school, and picked Nataliehay up.

before we left to LCCT :)


Singapore, HERE I COME :D

Headed to LCCT. Took like an hour or so. Called the guys on our way there, apparently, they just only woke up, and was going to leave Brandonchew's house since all of them were staying over at his. Reached LCCT around 8.30a.m. Went for breakfast. Around 9am, the guys reached. And, met up with AuntyDoreen(philippe's mum). She helped us to check in, and we waited for her.

After checking in, went for breakfast with the guys at MCD. We were done by 9.30a.m. So we went to the immigration counter. Got through, and we had to wait for Cheinwee. His passport couldn't make it because he did an extension, and not a renewal. The people there held him up, so we had to wait for him. He managed to get through by 9.50 a.m.

Went to the gate. And that was the most happening situation ever happened. I was walking right behind, and when i reached the gate, all of them were sitting down. I was quite surprised to know that they were sitting down, instead of chasing for the plane. Our flight was supposely 10am, f.y.i.

Derrick: AIYAAA. the plane also not here. Sit down laaah.

So all of us sat down. Then, an officer came and asked us for our flight number. Told him, and he informed us, that.. WE WERE LATE FOR OUR FLIGHT. We begged him to let us in, but he said it was TOO LATE, and.. we sort of MISSED OUR FLIGHT. We were dead shocked, and didn't know what to do. Aunty Doreen was trying so hard to get us in, but we were really late.

We missed the flight, it's time to camp!

our " missed the flight " face ):

So, we had no choice, but to buy a new ticket. We camped infront of the ticket counters, waiting for Aunty Doreen to get us new flight tickets. THANK GOD we managed to get 'em. :) Our flight was 12.45 a.m, if i'm not mistaken. Waited for 2 hours or more. We boarded the gate at 11.30 a.m, so that we won't be late, again.

pretty clouds :)


Went up the plane, then flew to Singapore :) Was much excited being on the plane! Been so long since i sat on an aeroplane :P Brandonchew stuffed me with food so that i could stop annoying him :P THANKS FOR BELANJA-ING ME :D :D Then i lost count of time. Once we reached, I was quite hyper. I mean, how could i not right?! FIRST TIME STEPPING INTO SINGAPORE :D :D After all the immigration stuffs, we got into a cab :D the cab driver was so nice & friendly! He introduced everything when we were on the road.

Reached ChangiAirport :D :D

Eye of Singapore? is it?

Reached Sentosa. Checked in our hotel. :D the hotel wasn't as nice as what we expected. The room, were small. For us, it was spacious. Only 4 girls in one room. But for the guys, they had to squeeze and all. After chilling for a bit, we went to check out Sentosa :D :D First, we went for the TigerSkyTower! Managed to see the whole view of Singapore :) It was pretty indeed. Then we went for some 4d thingy, LOG RIDE. It was quite fun. But the turn off part, was.. we had to wait for like 15 minutes, cause the thingy was like stuck for more than 4 times. So yeah.


TigerSkyTower :)

Up Up here we go!

awesome view isn't it? :)


in a TRAM at Sentosa.

in a BUS :D :D

nataliehay :D

this is coming NEXT YEAR JAN :)

Went for dinner at The Arche's after that. Dineshravi, Clairecosset, Derrick and I were lost. We were walking far behind from the group, and the next thing we knew, they weren't infront of us anymore. Thank god we knew where was the restaurant, so we managed to meet them up there. Had buffet for dinner.

After that, went for some water fountain performance. It was called SongOfTheSea. :D It was a good show! Effects were great, fireworks were awesome! Enjoyed the show :) Then we went for another 4D thing. It's some movie thing about Pirates. It has effects too. That was when Solomon went crazy.HAHAH. he was hilarious :D





great effects, no?

Then went for Karoke at another hotel. Had lotsa fun during karaoke! Philippe & Solomon were doing hardcore singing, which was hilarious! HAHAH. We drank too. All i could say was, we had fun, singing :D :D After karaoke, went back to the hotel, and changed to flip-flops! Went to the beach at 1a.m. HAHAHA. crazy man. Played with the sand a little while, then we played GalahPanjang. It was a fun game, but.. the rules were all wrong, so.. it was quite jumbled up :)

Karaoke at Marinaclub :)

Went back to the room around 2-3 a.m. Changed to our Pyjamas. :D Then, half of the guys came into our room, while the other half went to OrchardRoad by Cab :) The guys end up telling us ghost stories! So we were quite afraid, and we asked the guys to sleep with us instead :\ Slept around 3 in the morning :)

Our first day, had alot of waiting&delaying. Was a bummer for waiting. But we totally enjoyed it!

Will update about my 2nd;3rd;4th day; 2 nights of Sleepover at Nataliehay's ; outing at OU with the bestbuds ; sleepover at Clairecosset&outing at Pyramid soon :)

p.s:// THANKS TO VOONMAYYIN for telling me that it was A TRAM.



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