Sunday, November 13, 2011


I just find this ridiculous. It's not an issue that you might be still mad, but it's been almost a year. I suggest you should just stop holding a grudge, and forget about the past. We cant be friends again? Anyway I've done my part. I've apologized long time ago, and times when I try to talk to you, but all you do is ignore me. Well suit yourself. But the fact that you're unwilling to be close to me again, its because you misunderstood, and never knew the real me. I once thought you were true, someone would have accepted me the way I am, someone who would have been my best guy friend. But you drowned our friendship. And there's nothing left. Maybe you do not feel it was such a waste, but I do. Not because I feel the guilt in me, but because I treasure our friendship.. but we no longer have any.

Grr. SPM starts tomorrow. Shall not let this bug me.

I pray that God will bless me abundantly and 10As, to my hands please! In Jesus Name, Amen.



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