Thursday, December 1, 2011

No words,

can.. speak.

So so so so! SPM is overrrrr! HAH, how i wish, well not till December 5th, that is :)

I have 4 days of rest/study days to score for Accounts on Monday, but.. i totally lost my mood to study. I feel as if SPM has over, or even better, I never did sit for SPM. This past week of SPM was.. headache. I had 4 days of rest earlier too, to study for Chemistry & Biology this week, but guess what? Being the usual me, or any other SPM student, I didn't grab the chance, and I just let time passed by. I was basically just sleeping for 2 days straight, with the excuse of my birthday.. Not like my birthday was a special day, but yes, trying to make myself feel better, I told myself this. "Chillax yokeshan. It's your birthday, you deserve to rest.." Yeap, that went on for 2 days straight.. till. SUNDAY! When I realized I had no time to actually finish studying for Chemistry & Biology.. I was so stressed. And, Chemistry paper.. was so tough. I was kinda depressed after sitting for it.. I cried.

But oh well, no point crying over spilt milk :)

I'm just very glad that I'm done with science subjects. Not in a million years I'll ever touch Science again. Not even General Science. *let's hope that I don't have to study Science in A-Levels.

I understand how boring my blog is, but.. I'm so keen on starting to blog often now! Starting from December 5th. I just want to keep track of what I'm doing everyday when I start college/turn 18.


I'm finally seventeen. NGEHEH. who's the boss now >:)

My birthday, was not much of a big deal. I couldn't celebrate my birthday anyway, all cause of SPM.. yeah, mummy made the rule.. sort of.

BUT thanks to my bigbear. He surprised me with the gift I've ever wanted.

A silver plectrum pendant!

I've always wanted a guitar pick necklace, for all it matters. Yes I told him 3 things I've ever wanted, but who knew he'd give me this? I thought there's no way he will ever give this to me. If yes, I would have bought one for myself way long ago, no? It's the fact that we can hardly see this around in Malaysia unless you punch a hole in the plastic guitar pick (ya the one you use it to strum the guitar) and buy yourself a chain. Well, he got this, all the way from UK! This precious pendant of mine sat on the plane before! Don't play play hehe. And yes, it's engraved :) Happy enough to make me a happy girl! Don't know what I'd do without you, bigbear!

Then, my family totally forgotten it was my birthday till like 6pm. They decided to text me to wish me. HOW SINCERE, right? I know. And we made our way up to Gohtong Jaya for dinner. It was a lovely dinner, I had fun, regardless where we ate. It was the accompany I had. I always loved going out with my family.

Now, time for me to watch some desperate housewives! Time to slack, and skype with my bigbearlove!

plectrum to my heart.

yeah, that's me camwhoring with my precious necklace!

p.s:// i''m going away! :)
till then,



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