Saturday, December 12, 2009

490th post :)

right, I've the pictures now. So i shall blog now :D :D

*excuse me, i haven't been blogging for 2 weeks. I've been really lazy, and I apologise for that :) I've been using Swei as an excuse as she hasn't gave me those picas yet, but, since she already uploaded them, and i don't have any excuse anymore, so yeah.

*P.S: it's gonna be a long post.



yes, finally, all the countdowns on my bday,
and i'm finally FIFTEEN :D
*sings fifteen-taylorswift*

first of all, thanks to those who stayed up till 12am to wish me happy birthday :)

THANK YOU LIZZIE! for calling me at 11pm and talked to me till 12 just to wish me happy birthday :D thank you, carissa;sheila;shaza(my sampats) for everything :)

*lizzie, on the phone with me*
me: OMG OMG, IT'S 12AM.
lizzie: *stones for 5 seconds*
me: * thinking:shouldn't she be wishing me already? o.o*

so eventually, she was the first one to wish me :P because I was only paying attention to her wish, as (my sampats) conversation was minimized :\

then i slept at 4 something, cause i really couldn't sleep, then woke up at 8.30 in the morning. Got ready, then waited for my brother to fetch me to Pyramid.

Reached Pyramid like, around 10am :) Met up with KenShen. He was nice enough to accompany me to get magazines from Popular. Then, called Hariz to ask what time he was coming. He asked us to meet him up at Nike.

So i asked KenShen to lead me to Nike. End up, he brought me to MCD!

Kenshen: There, do you see the M sign?
Me: HMM.. icic. *thinking why did he tell me that, and why is he bringing me to MCD.
*heads to MCD*
Me: ERR... Why are you bringing me here?
Kenshen: Didn't you say that Hariz's meeting us here?
Me: Wait, you heard me saying MCD?
Kenshen: Yeah..

So we went to meet Hariz @ Starbucks instead. Chilled at Starbucks :) Then Robin&Alastair came after a while. Sheena&ShuLynn came and join us too :D Shaza came later.



@ Christmas bazaar thingy.

3 years and still counting!

After that, Robin&Alastair&Kenshen accompanied me to get tickets for NewMoon :D :D Then we went down to the ChristmasBazaar, thingy thing. Sheila saw a cute guy, and I was bugging her to buy me roses from that cute guy, but she refused to ): Then Carissa;Mayyin;Brandonchew came :) Alastair&Robin got me 2 cute bears, :D :D

Christmas tree from Mayyin&Brandonchew.

2 cute bears from Alastair&Robin!

Then we went over to Speedy cause Sheila wanted to get some CD. Philippe came then. Spent quite a long time @ Speedy. Then we decided to have lunch :) Went over to MFM(ManhattanFishMarket, for short) Brandonkoh&Likchuen came during then.

MFM :)

MayYin & I.

The sweetest couple on earth ;)
*did you notice that they were wearing the same shirt colour? :P

Carissa&Sheila bersampat-ing while Kenshen&I stoning at them. HAHAH

Went for movie right after that.


NewMoon wasn't as nice as what I expected it to be, honestly. *okay girls, dont throw stones at me. But nevertheless, TaylorLautner's a.k.a jacobblack BODEHHHHH still caught my breath away :P He's gorgeous, mygod. No wait, gorgeous isn't that word. He's hot, charming, period. RobertPattinson a.k.a edwardcullen, IS GORGEOUS. Yes, gorgeous!! OH OH, and PETERFACINELLI a.k.a carlislecullen is handsome, like, seriously. Everyone have been asking me, if I'm teamEdward/teamJacob. Sorry honeys, I'M TEAMCARLISLE :) I would still have to say NewMoon is definitely better to Twilight :D

Aliya;Mayyin;Me :)


Mua babes (:

After Pyramid, Mayyin followed me back :) Before going home, we went over to OU and picked Swei up, then Mum dropped us @ Centrepoint. We went to buy some DVD's at first. After that went over to SecretRecipe, since Swei&Mayyin wanted to buy me 2 slices of cake :D such sweethearts! Then went to Champs for dinner along with ze' family!


while waiting for the food to come.

my momma :D :D

It's funny that mayyin, swei and i tilted our heads to the same side. HAHA


All of us went back to my crib after my dinner. Rested for a while, then it was the birthday cake time :) we played the piano for a little while, then Shaowei&Mayyin lit up the candles for my cake :D .

Mayyin&Swei playing the piano.

2 slices of cakes, heh.

Say hi to my birthday cake :D

blow blow blow!

*after litting up the candles, shaowei wanted to blow off the match stick, but she accidentally blew all my candles :\ HAHAHA, it was really epic, you gotta be there. Mayyin and I laughed our butts off :P*

Mayyin left after i made a wish and blew all my candles :) send her off, then Swei and I ate the cakes :D :D

Swei made me bite the candles out ):

Went up to my room, and chilled for a while. Talked/facebook/yada. Around 11pm we started watching movies. Watched BRINGITON: FIGHTTOTHEFINISH :) Then we watched MySister'sKeeper. After movies, went up to the room, and talked again for an hour. After talking, we went to sleep :D :D

Knew each others for 8 years, and still going!

Bought this for us, cause Swei's leaving to Singapore next year ) :

Caramel Corn for movies :D :D

Yeah, this was on my birthday! and it was a totally memorable one!! Thanks to all my friends :) :)



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