Monday, December 21, 2009

Because you loved me,

I was blessed.


I'm back from Ipoh&Cameron :) First, i wanna blog about Faris's belated birthday :D

Thursday, 17/12/09.

Went to redbox around 3 something. Waited for like 15 minutes for everyone to come, though i've no idea why we were waiting for? Yeah, i got pranked.

Claire: *calling Stanley* Where are you guys??
Stanley: Redbox.
Claire: whaat room??
Stanley: Room 52.
*Sheila;Claire and I walked to room 52. Claire went inside the toilet, i went in the room first. *
* Opened the door, and I saw an old man, and old woman staring at me.... i quickly walked out the room*

You gotta be there. Then, we finally opened a room. They started off with some korean songs, yeah, and so on and forth. Conclusion is, we listened to KPop :) the same songs, over and over again.

We left Redbox around 7/8. And we went and find a restaurant to eat. We didn't know which restaurant. I was suggesting, but all the boys were complaining. Pft. But, Clarence, the smart ass, decided on a restaurant :) It's called Che-Go * i actually went to SunwayPyramid's website, to get this restaurant's name* AHHAHA.

While the guys went to the restaurant, Sheila;Claire;Carissa and I went to CupcakeChic to buy some cupcakes, since we were all seriously hungry. We actually sat at the bench, and sit down, and eat. T_T so sad can?! Then, we were lost, because we were finding for the restaurant.

This is the ironic part. I don't think you guys will get it, but, for my own purpose, i wanna say it. AHAHHA. Okay, the restaurant's name is Che-Go right. And, Sheila told us to go to J.Co(donut). I didn't know that J.Co was just opposite of Che-Go. So, isn't it ironic?? Get it? Che-Go?J.Co??!??! Pronounce it!! then maybe you'll get it :)

Che-Go, was just okay. Laughed alot with ze' girls :D HEH. love them love them!! It was so fun laughing with them :D :D Anyway, THANKS FARIS, FOR THE DINNER!

OMGGG. THIS IS SUCH A USELESS POST. Later, imma blog about Ipoh&Cameron :)



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