Wednesday, December 30, 2009


* a late post T_T sorry.


Woke up around 10am, quickly went to pack :( cause i was so lazy to pack the night before. Yeah, i'm a last minute person, WHATEVER T_T I couldn't get my ass out of my computer chair T_t PFT.

Anyway, left home around 1pm, and then reached Ipoh around 3 something, if i'm not mistaken. First destination we went? OF COURSE WENT TO EATTTT :D F.Y.I, my family and i are really heavy eaters, and we always like to eat good food! :) *wonders why ain't i fat T_T GRR.

We went to StadiumIpoh's food court to eat! *if i'm not mistaken. OHEMGEEE. the food were delicious okay! I'm not joking, im effing serious. Chee Cheong Fun, Sotong Kangkung, ABC, Wan Ton Mee, OMG BEST SIAL. Those are the food we always order when we go back to Ipoh. It's really really really the bomb T_T We will order plates and plates and plates everytime we go back :D

*sorry, no pictures of the food. If i do have, you guys will drool over it :)

After that, went back to my ipoh house, and stone. Yeah, my siblings and i talked crap while stoning. HAH, our "bonding" time. :D We also watched some tv, yada. Rested while my parents+bro slept.. But i couldn't sleep, so i watched the tivo.

My bro woke up around 9pm. Then we went out to another food court for late dinner. We also eat at this food court, often :D Jie and i went to look for DVD's, but we didn't buy cause of some stupid reasons. We left around 10 something, went back home, watched tv, slept.

Day 2.

woke up kinda late, cause i was so lazy :( while all my family members woke up for breakfast and ditched me alone at home. I tell you, IT WAS SO SCARY :( idk why, but i was so paranoid. I couldn't sleeep. But thank god, they came home quick. Then my sister+mummy went to the saloon to do their hair, while i stayed at home and eat. -_- i was too lazy to do anything, honestly. not even eat! but i was hungry, so no choice.

boo :P

Around 5 something, we left the house and headed for a temple dinner. It was like this temple's anniversary dinner :) Prayed for a while. I was like praying for my 7'a's, no joke T_T Then, the dinner started around 7 something. Had to listened to some speeches.

Talked alot to the cousin+his wife :D it was so fun! Family friends+relatives were there! So we were like drinking, alot. HAHAHA ,even my mum drank! She seldom drinks though. We downed Chivas/Merlot/Carlsberg, everything my dad gave us. HAHAHA. Then my cousin came out with a random idea, and asked my sister if she wanted to go to a pub? My sister asked me if i wanted, HELL YEAH. of course i wanted. AHHAHA. cause my cousin brother knows the pub's manager *inside jokeeee.

After persuading my parents like so long, they finally allowed us to follow my cousin bro and his wife! :) We were so hyper already! We kept laughing in the car HAHAHAH. Then we reached the pub... suddenly i realized, it wasn't just A PUB. it was a fucking club?! No under 18s are allowed :( HAHAHAHA. but i just walked in, cause there weren't any bouncer.

The mood was kinda dead, cause i think it was kinda early. Then it started off with live band performances around 11pm :) those singers were really good! I really liked all of them! and i spotted this cute guy. *brows. Around 20 minutes later, my parents came and joined us. 0_0 They were so willing to come and join us. But actually, they wanted to check on us :( But they couldn't stand! AHHAHA. Around 11.30am, they left and went back home :)

Then we continued listening to the live band performances! It ended around 12.40am. After that, the DJ started to play those HIT HIT english songs! OMG it was kinda awesomeee. but sadly, there wasn't any dancefloor, and apparently it was the biggest club in ipoh 0_0 can't even compare to MOS lor!

Anyway, pictures timeeeee! Whose excited?! :D :D


MEEEE :) with daddy behind!


My cousin brother's wife! they just got married :)

my beloved kor!


this the cute guy i was talking about! Please tell me he is :)

Anyway, i bumped into this guy! OMG, he looked like he was 15/16/17, and he was cute :( we sorta had eye contact. But, sigh. Only bumped into him onceeeeee.

Left the club around 2am. Went back home, konged!


As usual, woke up around 11pm. Didn't pack, so i quickly packed since we were leaving. Went to eat DimSum for brunch! Then my brother came up with a random idea of going CameronHighlands. My jaws dropped literally. Like wtf? Seriously? HAHAH CAMERON HIGHLANDS?! me. without bringing a jacket?! and i was wearing shorts?! But for the fun of it, we actually agreed. HAHAH, my jie jie thought i was pranking her :P

up up we goooo!

we were both blues!

When we reached Cameron, we straight away bought vegetables! Was hunting for strawberries, but it was all sold out! damn bummer :( we actually went up there just to buy strawberries. ISH. then we went to eat STEAMBOAT :D HEHEHE. but we parked our car so far from the shop, cause it was sooo jam! We had to walk, and omg i was freezing! No jacket no nothing. Just a top and shorts 0_0 I LITERALLY FROZE TO DEATH OKAY. I was like screaming for HELP in my heart!! But thank god, in the shop, it was warm enough! :D :D After steamboat, we left :)

I had so much fun during this trip in IPOH!
Stay tuned for my Genting trip & Ipoh+Penang trip! :D :D



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