Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I said leave,

But all i really want is you.


this is me,
leeyokeshan. :)
*cut my hair like, since 2/3 weeks ago.
no more werewolf,*inside joke
no more long hair :(
the hair which i was keeping for so long!

I didn't mention bout my hair right. Here's the story. When i went back to Ipoh, like around 21 November, I wanted my hair to be thinner, so i told the hairdresser, to layer it but still keep the length. (i wanted my hair to be long, long long!) I also temporarily straightened my hair, cause i had to attend my cousin's wedding dinner. The result of my hair, was straight and thin. Yeah, i liked it :) But then!!! When i wash my hair the next day, and my hair was all back to frizzy&dry, that's when i was effing shocked. I then only realized that my hair, was in 2 section. (unexplainable) It's like, the top part of my hair is short, and the lower part of my hair was long. Okay, i can't explain it. But that explains why I tied my hair on my b'day :( , for those who were wondering.

Then, 28 November, a week later. I managed to go to the saloon I always go, and fix my hair :D Yeah, did relaxing, and my hairdresser chopped off my hair, which was the long part. I was so heartbroken when i saw my hair chopped off, just like that. *finger snaps. It's like my whole effort been washed down the drain :( But the pain of looking at your hair, like 2 different lengths, is more heartbreaking.

Bye bye long hair :(


Anyway, It's gonna rain heavily now! Will blog later!



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