Saturday, May 31, 2008

piong mei ting :D

its 2am . and im blogging. :) . im currently chatting with PIONG MEI TING . :D . she's one nice & friendly girl .and she can really listen to your probs man :] . and she even tell me her situation once like mine . AHHAHA . XD . and she even talked bout jay chou with me . which made my mood come a little alive . thanks babe . :)

speaking bout jay , i can finally view myJAYsian after how many weeks . and not many people have been updating the posts . so yeah . :) , and i vote jay on ' whose gona sing the olympic beijing song 'o8 ' :D . people out there , who knows how to read mandarin , and you dont have any idol , please do this for the sake of ME :] . log on to , and go vote for jay . :) . please please . pity please . and you can vote for how many times u want . thanks mei ting for helping me to vote . AHHA . XD

yes and thanks to mei ting for introducing a guy's blog whose deadly inlove with his girlfriend . :) . they started off their relationship , sweetly . by buying a bouquet of roses during valentines , and having a mini propose infront of the public . sweet :D . and before they knw each other , he actually spilt drink on that girl ? but now they are couples . awhh :]

hahaha . :) . niway , lets talk bout sichuan earthquake victims , i've cried when i watch the tv news bout them :\ . there was this grandma who was waiting for her granddaughter outside the school , waiting for those people to save those kids . and she go to the school every single day hoping those people can find her granddaughter . and everyday she come , she went to recognize those kids , but sadly is not her granddaughter . its just so sad , cause she's like so old , and she has to carry a few of shirts and shoes and whatsoever , and walk to the school , hoping that the granddaughter might be found . :\ . i pity those people .

so people out there who has msn . i heard that , putting (R) [ which is a rainbow ] infront of your msn display name , msn will donate 50 cents to the sichuan victims . so why not try putting that . it wont cause you any harm / loss , infact you will be doing something good . :) .


im done . :) bye :D



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