Friday, September 26, 2008

26 sept o8 :D

ze' french lady :P
hope you have a great one .
not gona elaborate much here
anyway , love you :)

happy birthday , megat ( form 5 )
ehehe :)

i wished him like 3 times ==' AHHAHA . XD . well , today eugene pranked me ==' when i saw him at admin , was like early morning , he told me that Claire is sick and didnt come to school , so i hurried and ran to class . mana tau , i got pranked ==' well .. wished her happy bday and gave her a card :D

had maths for the first period . did revision . then was english . did quiz , gosh . had blardy thousands of mistakes ): after that was break . :) went to locked area and camwhore ! ehhe , skittles :D. we kept finding victim to be the photographer .! after that sejarah , BORING SIAL . then was chinese . watched i not stupid too 2 ! there's this part where the FUN TEACHER said " if who got improvement , free each of them a JAY CHOU CD " fuck man TT i wish i had that teacher TT anyway , BM AND CIVIKS went to library . FUN :D . wish every lesson go library . EHHE :D .

after that , came out early . like 5 mins before the bell ring . then went to 4G for leo meeting . after that went out with claire to 7E and baker's cottage :D then came back to school . i left aorund like 2.30 :) .

these days have been really addicted to jay chou . i even get pissed at myself for skipping his songs on radio ): ah TT i've been telling people bout him so badly . especially sheila :D and Claire asked me why am i so addicted to him .. actually i dont knw why . ==' . his song is SO NICE :D even mei ting agreed . heehe :P finally the MV came out . i feel like pre-ordering his album ==' but i bet is kao expensive . nevermind , for jay chou , is worth :D EHEHE :)




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